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Alex at Watch Lake

Alex at Watch Lake

September 5th, 2008  · stk

Alex stayed with maternal grandparents, during our recent canoeing adventure on the Bowron Lakes. They took her camping to Watch Lake, in the southern Cariboo Mountains of central British Columbia (not too far from where we were). Alex went on her first horseback ride! See the nice photo scrapbook that her grandmother made for her (viewed in the new AstonishMe! Photo Gallery)

Grandparents Take Alex Camping

Mom and Dad couldn't have gone on their 6-day canoeing adventure on the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit if maternal grandparents hadn't been willing to look after Alex, during this time. Alex had fun in Vancouver, but it was the camping trip to Watch Lake, near 100-mile House, that Alex really enjoyed.

"Gran" and Grandpa took Alex in their Volkswagen Westfalia camping van to a recreation area in central British Columbia, just a few hours south of where Mom and Dad were canoeing on the Bowron Lakes. The area is in the Southern Cariboo Mountains and is renown for fishing, wildlife and contains a plethora of small lakes. Apparently, they've been visiting Watch Lake and staying at the Watch Lake Lodge cabins and/or campground, for years. It's the kind of place that fosters a long-term relationship with customers, reminding me of some of the summer resorts in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.

Alex enjoyed swimming, horseback riding, campfires, playing with other kids, playing games, feeding the ducks, walking the dog, eating roasted marshmallows and a BUNCH of other things!

Her "Gran" took lots of pictures and made Alex a scrapbook of her time at Watch Lake. It was very well done and Alex decided she wanted to share it. (It doesn't hurt that my AstonishMe! mate, ¥åßßå, has nearly finished the alpha-release of a very spiffy bit of jQuery-based photo gallery code!)

To see Alex's scrapbook at Watch Lake (and a cool online photo gallery) ... sally forth!

Alex's Watch Lake Scrapbook

Click a thumb to see the bigger picture

  • Alex and "Gran"
  • Horseback Riding
  • In the Westfalia Camper
  • Skihist Provincial Park
  • Campfire at Watch Lake
  • Eating Roasted Marshmallows
  • Feeding Ducks at Watch Lake
  • Friendly Flock!
  • Swimming at Watch Lake
  • Swimming is Fun!
  • Watch Lake Activities
  • Maureen's Cabin at Watch Lake
  • Cabin Privvy
  • Alex and Grandpa
  • Fetching Well Water
  • Camp Chow - Yummy!
  • Horseback Riding at Watch Lake
  • Watch Lake Cowboy Boots
  • Watch Lake Lodge Tack Room
  • Kids Waiting Their Turn
  • Horseback Riding on "Missy"
  • Alex Liked Horseback Riding
  • Watch Lake Wildlife
  • Mom & Dad Arrive
  • Horseback Riding on "Zak"
  • Riding High
  • Horse's Hoof Close-up
  • "Thank You!!"
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1.flag Dad Comment
Just above Watch Lake and east of 100 Mile House is Horse Lake, where Scott caught his first fish while staying at Anderson's Lodge in 1966 (age 6). Since none of the 'big kids' caught a fish that day he was very proud and ran to every camp site showing off his catch. He became the fishing expert and all the kids were asking him for advice. I believe there is a picture of a smiling Scott with his string of fish in the family photo album.
2.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Great job Gran Pilly! Alex will surely treasure this scrapbook for a long time to come.
3.flag Gary Comment
Glad Alex had a nice time, she looked like she was having a lot of fun.

What a nice idea to make a ' electronic scrapbook ' Brilliant idea and blended it in to Yabba's Gallery.

Nice work Scott.

4.flag stk Comment
Dad - Half the reason I posted the map was because I didn't realize how close Watch Lake is to Horse Lake! ;)

Here's the photo from the (recently scanned) photo album.

(I couldn't find "Anderson's Lodge" associated with Horse Lake, on the Internet, but I did turn up "Cariboo Bonanza Resort" - wonder if it's the same place?)

Aunt Karen - The Pilley's are away on a trip to Africa, at the moment, but I know Alex WILL treasure the book, when she's older.

Gary - Alex has a lot of fun doing most things. She's a great kid and I thought using ¥åßßå's gallery would be a neat way of preserving, sharing and showing the great scrapbook her Gran made. (Emphasis on "preserving", as she's still only 5 and tends to be 'hard on things'!)