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October 16th, 2008  · stk

Had your laugh today? Watch this 30-second television advertisement titled "GOTCHA" selling Wienerschitzel hot dogs. It's a riot! Enjoy!

World's Most Wanted Wiener

Every once in a while, an advertisement comes out that's really funny. This year, one of the best I've seen is for Wienerschnitzel, the world's largest hot dog chain. Their franchises are only found in the U.S. wienerschnitzel locations in the United States   (and one in Guam), so I haven't seen the advert aired on Canadian television, but my Uncle (who lives in Phoenix) and used to be in the advertising buisness, emailed it to me. (Thanks Pete!)

The ad company that's responsible for the funny, 30-second spot is DGWB Advertising, based in Orange County, California. They've been the ad agency for Wienerschnitzel since 1995 and originally created "The Delicious One" (the infamous hot dog 'on the run'). After a five years away from the television, the "The Delicious One" has returned, only this time, he's billed as the "World's Most Wanted Wiener".

The new ad campaign combines mature humor with sublime 3-dimensional animation and carries an edgy message. The goal is to capture interest in hungry, unconventional, fast-food-seeking 20-somethings ... (so called, "Generation Y").

DWGB Advertising (together with Duck Studios), put together four, thirty-second television adverts. The ads were designed to be somthing that generation "Y" could relate with, promoting the chain, boosting sales and getting a chuckle along the way. By far, the best of the four, is the one titled, "Gotcha!"

I think the advert will appeal to more than just Generation Y. To see a Flash video of the 30-second "Gotcha" Wienerschnitzel advertisement, click "Read Full Story" ...

Grab Yourself a Wiener and Watch This!

Wienerschnitzel World's Most Wanted Wiener video gotcha

See ... funny, isn't it?!

Apparently, this version isn't the one that is airing on television stations in the U.S. The one that IS airing has been edited slightly, at the end, which removes the obvious "what am I really holding here" scream. It's still pretty funny, but the logical leap is about a foot further away and (apparently) enough of a gap that many viewers fail to make it to the other side.

I'm not sure if it'll make Wienerschitzel hot dogs taste any better - I didn't patronize the chain when I lived in California - but the advert sure is a memorable one.

If I get my hands on a copy of the video that aired, I'll post it also, for a comparison.



Advertisement Creative Credits

  • Executive Creative Director: Jon Gothold
  • ACD Writer: Steve Harbour
  • ACD Art Director: Joe Cladis
  • Producer: Scott Seltzer
  • Production Company: Duck Studios
  • Director: The Doctor Twins
  • Editor: Aron Orton
  • Animation Directors: Lane & Jan
  • Animators: Jim Richardson, Tom Roth, Eric Molina, Jan Chen, Lane Nakamura, Dony Permedi

Company Public Relations Information

DGWB Advertising & Communications

DGWB is the largest privately owned full-service advertising agency based in Orange County. Founded in January 1988, capabilities include general market and Hispanic advertising, design, promotions and interactive media. Clients include Toshiba Copiers, KFC, Hilton Garden Inn, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and Yamaha Home Entertainment. DGWB builds and nurtures meaningful relationships between its clients and their customers. Looking beyond transactions, efforts are focused on discovering the shared core values between brands and customers, creating meaningful connections, and then cultivating trust.


Founded by John Galardi in 1961 with a single hot dog stand in Wilmington, Calif., Wienerschnitzel is one of the real pioneers of the quick-service food industry. Having successfully carved out a niche with hot dogs, The World’s Largest Hot Dog chain serves more than 120 million hot dogs annually. Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Wienerschnitzel operates or franchises 353 stores in 12 states and Guam. It is part of the Galardi Group, which is also the parent company of The Hamburger Stand and Tastee-Freez LLC.

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1.flag Gary Comment
I am at work on a brew break, feeling hungry and I really fancy a hot dog now ;)

Can't say I have ever had a 'Wienerschnitzel' it maybe a few years before they break into the UK huh !

2.flag Shanice(calii) Comment
Man, I'm located in the dirty south now and they ain't got no Wienerschnitzel :-(

OMG, when I was in California, I spent my whole allowance ($22.00) on y'alls delicious burgers, bomb fries, and sweet shakes. OMG, y'all need to have a resturant in Tennessee!

Missing y'alls food!
3.flag stk Comment
Shanice - Thanks for writing.

Personally, I'm not all that fond of Weinerschnitzel, but if you like it and want to let them know, you might want to give them a call. Their contact page lists a toll-free telephone number you can call, 24-hrs a day: 877-709-DOGS!

Maybe they'll flip you some coupons for free yummy food, which you can use next time you're "out West". ;)