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First School Bus Ride

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First School Bus Ride

October 23rd, 2008  · stk

First School Bus Ride: About a month after school started, Alex had a chance to take the school bus home. Boy, was she excited about doing that!

A "Proud-as-Punch" Kid

School started some time ago, but it wasn't till this month that Alex rode the school bus home for the very first time. It wasn't for lack of lobbying on her part.

"Mommy?" (or Daddy, depending), she'd ask, "Can I take the bus home tomorrow?"

More often than not, Alex was headed to day-care immediately after her afternoon kindergarten class, or off to swimming, or we'd pick her up on our way into town ... or some other activity. It's a rare day that she can actually ride the bus and boy-oh-boy, was she eager to do so.

Riding the bus to school isn't really an option, since the bus comes at 8 AM and her kindergarten class doesn't start till 11:35 AM. However, riding the bus from school is an option and (somehow) she knew it! She was bugging us about riding the bus since school began.

Finally, the opportunity to take the bus home came up and she was sooooo excited!

To see how excited and proud a 5-year-old can be about riding a school bus for the first time .... read on ...

The First Big Ride

We live about 9 kilometers from Woodbank Elementary School, which serves up Kindergarten through fourth grade. We're pretty much at the southern edge of the district boundary, but the bus carries on, past our street and does a big loop around Yellow Point and returns along another road, depositing kids back into the district again. (It's a rural route).

To ride the bus, Alex needed a note. "Please let Alex ride the bus home today. Signed: Mom (or Dad)"

Alex hasn't been the best at remembering to give us her notes from the teacher, or handing in things that we've signed. (We had to have a bit of a lecture about the importance of doing this when Alex didn't hand in the money and options we'd chosen for her class photos ... and the photographer came and went). However lax Alex is about notes from-and-to the teacher, there's no worry about notes to the bus driver!

Alex really wanted to ride the bus! (It must somehow be wrapped up into some rite of passage for her - she's a "big girl" now, for sure!)

So the day comes that she's got her note to ride the bus and that's all she's talking about. Normally, she gets out of kindergarten at 2:15 PM and we either pick her up, or she goes to after-school care. On the bus, it's about a 45-minute ride, till she's neatly deposited at the bottom of our street. For the few times that Alex has ridden the bus, Rachel has walked down to meet her on Yellow Point Road, at about three in the afternoon.

So Proud

click image

  • Alex is Chuffed!

The first time (of course) Rachel took the camera. (Our little girl is taking the bus!!) We just had to get photos.

So the bus approaches, barreling down Yellow Point Road, heading south. It quickly pulls into our street and lets off maybe 3 or 4 kids (depending on the day). Alex gets off first. The steps are big for a five-year-old, but she manages to negotiate her way to the pavement. Rachel gets a few photos of the bus approaching and Alex disembarking, but it's the one that she took after Alex gets off that tells the story.

Looking a bit like a cat that ate a canary, Alex puffs up with pride and is just so pleased with herself! She's ridden "the school bus"!! Wow! She's a "big girl" now!! Riding the bus home from school. Ha! Just like Luke, Adam and Sidney (our neighbors). Nothing can stop her now!!


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1.flag Gary Comment
Nice one, Alex is really growing up now and finding her independence, first school bus ride home in a big yellow bus :) How time flies hey?
It wasn't long ago you came home on a bus huh ! Or is it longer than you can remember ;)

Its nice to capture these moments and share with grandparents and friends.

I hope she is still enjoying school and has made lots of new friends.

2.flag stk Comment
LOL - I remember my bus rides. ;)

(We used to build big water dams in the gutters and then run to the back of the bus and watch it break the dam when it ran over it).

Oh, forgot to mention that Alex already has 3 good friends at school - Maia, Brooke and Raven (and they all ride the bus). I think it's Raven that gets off at the stop before Alex, but the other two stay on and ride around the loop. (Another reason why Alex likes riding the bus so much ... riding with her friends).