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Move to Canada

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Move to Canada

October 27th, 2008  · stk

WARNING: Funny video about John McCain and Sarah Palin winning the U.S. Election in November. (A plan for disenfranchised liberal elite Americans - Move to Canada). Enjoy.

A Plan for America's Disenfranchised Liberal Elite

Hey, there's lots of reasons for Americans to move to Canada: cute girls, socialized medicine, high-octane beer, less crime, better economy, legalized medicinal marijuana, cheap medications --- now, thanks to the Canadian Government, there's a United-States-to-Canada moving plan!

It's called the "ELITE" Plan.

Rachel emailed me a copy of this very funny video that focuses on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election and asks the question, "What will American liberals do if McCain and Palin are elected and the U.S. votes in yet another Republican President?"

The answer ... "move to Canada"!

The video came from Slate. They're a general-interest web-zine, offering analysis and commentary about politics, news and culture. They've won numerous awards and are supported entirely by ad revenue (go visit the site and click on the ads, because some of their stuff is pretty good. WARNING: Can be a time-waster.)

To view the funny political video about Canada's invitation to America's disenfranchised liberal elites ... carry on.

Move to Canada: Invitation to Disenfranchised Liberal Elite Americans


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1.flag EdB Comment
2.flag Gary Comment
LOl, Canada here we come.

I also believe that you sell cameras very cheap as well. ;)

3.flag Mhart Comment
hey check out my [YouTube] video. i think you'll find it hilarious.
4.flag stk Comment
mhart - Sorry ... didn't (and you were de-linked). ;)

Gz - Cheap camera ... on it's way. :D

EdB - Glad you like. ;)
5.flag On That List! Comment
Please keep this up through election day and set up a real program if worst comes to worst.
6.flag EdB Comment
Yeah man way cool. See that's what I mean about Canada being cool. My country needs more cool. Hopefully we'll elect the colored fella and have some cool 'trickle down' on the the uptight mindless cracker masses :)

Damn but your web is nice to look at. I only wish your comment box was a bit more than 4 pixels wide :(
7.flag stk Comment
Fairly certain it's the colored fella that's going to come up the winner tomorrow. ;)

LOL @ nice looking & 4-px wide. Now I know you're spamming me! :p If the comment box had an overflow:hidden on it, it'd be only 4-px tall too. :| (Most ppl have 4 pixels-worth of comment).

My gripe is that the comment box isn't position:fixed, so ppl can read the "comment to which they're replying" at the same time they're crafting their work of HTML art. I should mention summat to the Randsco webmaster, eh?