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Sugar-coated Saturday

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Sugar-coated Saturday

November 1st, 2008  · stk

Our five-year-old daughter, Alex (whom we call "the Oop"), had a great Halloween this year. Her Halloween costume was a princess gown, tiara and a shimmery golden cape. She thought she was pretty cute. She was! Hope you had a great Halloween too!

Halloween Tales of Princess Oop

Alex has been enamored with Princesses for some time. It all started when she received a Disney "My Princess Collection" Alex's Princess Books Disney's My Princess Collection of hardback books "My Princess Collection" is a boxed set of 12 hardcover books containing illustrated stories about heroines from Disney and Pixar films, including: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Toy Story 2 (Jessie), Alice in Wonderland, Atlantis (Kida), Aladdin (Jasmine), Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), A Bug's Life (Dot), Pocahontas, and The Little Mermaid (Ariel). They're all told from a first-person perspective - that of each Princess - each being a story of true love, adventure and "living happily ever after". The Oop loves them and both Mom & Dad can tell each story, from rote memory. :p  of bedtime stories, as a gift from her "Uncle" Bruce and "Aunt" Michelle. For a while, they were her favorite bedtime reading choice and it started a near-obsession with Princesses, which resulted in a myriad of drawings, discussions and has - hopefully culminated with - this year's Halloween costume.

Trust me, as a responsible father, no-one wants their little girl believing that they are "a princess" ... with all the self-important, royal behavior that might follow! (Pity the poor guy marrying into THAT, some day, eh? I'm not sure where he'd sit on that royal court, but I doubt it'd be as "prince" ... more likely knave, slave or court jester!)

Alex's "princess" costume consisted of a $5 princess dress at the thrift store, a $1 jewel-studded tiara and the golden cape she was given for 'dress-up' on her birthday, a few weeks ago. Best $6 Rachel ever spent! The Oop loved it and played her part royally, wearing it to the local pumpkin patch, then to kindergarten, a party at day-care and (of course) trick-or-treating on Halloween night!

For a slide-show of the Princess Alex's Halloween festivities (and a celebration of the joy, innocence and excitement of a 5-year-old girl) ... read on ...

Princess at the Pumpkin Patch

Not too far from where we live is a farm called McNab's. Their big draw is a huge corn-maze that's open in autumn, a petting zoo, home-grown vegetables, jars of locally-produced honey, preserves, jams and jellies, as well as a pumpkin patch. Visitors take an old-fashioned hay-ride out to either the corn-maze or pumpkin patch. On a sunny fall day, there's no better family tradition than a trip to McNab's, on Yellow Point Road, to pick out pumpkins and have an afternoon of wholesome family fun!

We made the drive out last weekend and took our time picking out two decent-sized pumpkins. Of course, the Oop wanted to wear her costume and offered up several Princess-like poses, as we willing obliged with the camera. (The Oop can be so cute!)

Back to the house we went with our two pumpkins, planning and scheming about what kind of carving Dad and the Oop would make. (We didn't carve that day and - as it turned out - we did a bit of a cheat, as we were running out of time and just carved another "kitty-cat" pumpkin, just like the year before). The second pumpkin, however, was a brand-spanking new design - which Dad drew on the pumpkin and was Oop-approved before a knife even hit the delicate orange skin. (It's a one-tooth monster, part of which, can be seen in a photo below.


Princess Pounds the Pavement

The lead-up to Halloween was highly anticipated by a certain "Princess", as each day, she counted the number of "sleeps", till the big night. (The count-down began with 5 "sleeps" and was religiously repeated, each night!)

The big day finally arrived and the Oop got some good mileage out of her costume. She wore it to kindergarten, since all the kids at Woodbank Elementary were participating in a Halloween costume parade and let out of class early, to participate. Then it was off to day-care, where Lisa had planned a Halloween party for the kids (spooky food, decorations and music). After we picked Alex up, we had to drive back home and make the obligatory Halloween trick-or-treat stops at the neighborhood houses - all two of them. (In our rural neighborhood, it's quite a distance between houses and not an area renown for rewarding trick-or-treating, since it takes ages to go from door-to-door and most residents aren't even expecting trick-or-treaters). Still, Charlie and Evangaline, along with Sidney and her family, expect to see the Oop, since they know her.

After her Yellow Point visits, we drove into the nearby village of Cedar (1,500 residents?), where we stopped at the fire hall. (Some of Scott's firefighter buddies were just gathering, as there's a tradition of rolling the fire trucks through the neighborhood streets on Halloween, passing out candy - with the added benefit of having crews on standby, in case something really spooky happens). Brandon handed the Oop a big fistful of candy, then it was off to the grocery store (our contribution for a dinner) and the liquor store (getting into the Halloween spirit[s]). :D

This year, we're ahead of daylight savings, so Alex started her trick-or-treating in the waning daylight. Rachel took off with Alex right from Karen and Dennis' house, going door-to-door and making it about three blocks, before Scott caught up. Soon the streets were alive with costumed kids of all ages, parents and dogs. People were lighting fireworks and there was eerie music emanating from more than one house. (The Oop was scared only once and remembered her "thank you's", as she made her rounds).

Alex's princess costume worked its magic, as "Princess Oop" knocked on doors and squeaked out a "Trick or treat". Everyone thought she looked cute and soon, her bag was filled with more candy than she could carry. (Mom had to help with the load by stuffing her pockets with candy).

Back at Karen and Dennis' house, the Oop dumped her bag of candy onto the kitchen table and sorted through it, arranging the candy into piles by type (our little organizer). It was quite the haul for a five-year-old!

Now it's Saturday morning and the Oop is downstairs with her sugar-coated "loot", sorting and re-sorting. Every once in a while, she'll pop upstairs and ask, "Can I have another piece of candy? Just one?" We really don't have to worry about Alex overdosing on sugar, as she's pretty good about making it last. She has more fun playing with the candy, than eating it, as it often ends up as "food" for her stuffed animals, "cooked" in her plastic toy kitchen, sorted into various containers or "a load" in one of her toy trucks.

Methinks that "Princess Oop" had a pretty good Halloween!

We hope you did too!

Princess Alexandra's Halloween Adventure

Click a small image to start the slide show

  • Princess Alexandra Picks a Pumpkin
  • Princess Poses Among Pumpkins
  • Portrait of a Princess
  • Looking Princess-like
  • The Royal Family
  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Posing Princess (Again)!
  • With Our Pumpkins
  • Aerial Shot of McNab's Corn Maze
  • The Princess & Bride at Sparks
  • Halloween Night Princess
  • Kitty-cat Pumpkin
  • Neighbors Charlie & Evangaline
  • At the North Cedar Volunteer Fire Hall
  • Pre-sorting the Treats
  • The Halloween Haul
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1.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Boy does this ever take us back a lot of years. The Halloween that everyone remembers is about five. Dad, she is a princess no matter what. Here in Sun City we don't get trick-or-treaters. We did have one last night, but it was prearranged with someone from Uncle Pete's office. She brought her 20-month-old grandson and we doled out a token Milky Way.

Scott, savor these days because the next thing you know is the Wedding Day.
2.flag DontheCat Comment
Bud, that 'lil kid of yours is looking really cute .....

Never realised from earlier fotos that she had such lovely hair...

3.flag stk Comment
Aunt Karen - Yes @ savor. We're trying to, but it's hard to do sometimes. She's just five ALL THE TIME and we need a break from time-to-time. Mostly, she's a great kid and we do enjoy and know how lucky we are to have such a great girl.

Don - Yeah, the Oop has natural highlights that most women would give their eye teeth to have. She's also got a weird crenulation (kinks) in her hair, that makes it shimmer. (She's one of a kind!)
4.flag Gary Comment
Great post Scott, what a lovely Princess Alex looks. Where was Rachel's and your costume?

That farm with the Pumpkin patch looks a GREAT idea, I have never seen anything like that over here, we just go to the supermarket to buy our pumpkins (how boring huh!)

Nice idea with the Fire-fighters going out every Halloween handing out the sweets (Candy). Nice one toothed pumpkin carve-out ;)

I like the James Bond theme in the maize on the farm as well, OO7.

Looks like you all had a good time.


5.flag stk Comment
Gary - Mom & Dad both went as "fat adults", just been having a hard time getting the costume off. :p

We had a nice Halloween, but the real joy was watching Alex have so much fun!
6.flag Gary Comment
Lol :)

7.flag Ashoo Comment
Hi Alex,

My dad just showed me your photos. You have grown up since I saw your pics last time.

We dont have halloween in our country like I told you before, but we have Diwali where we burst lot of crackers. This year, I myself burst single crackers without any fear.

I also lost 4 teeth this year :-). I put two photos in my blog. Mommy says it a Train-crossing gate :-).

I also got lot of good marks in school.

I'm going to play. Bye bye.
8.flag Jenna Comment
wow. I love that princess pumkin attire. Love to be a princess for just one day. Maybe that is really a girls fantasy.