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Oop Xmas Pageant

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Oop Xmas Pageant

December 6th, 2008  · stk

What parent isn't proud when their kid takes the stage for the first time? Alex's school put on a Christmas Pageant and the kindergarten classes all joined in to do a reindeer "Hokey Pokey" dance. (Video included)

Alex Takes the Stage for a "Reindeer Hokey Pokey" Dance

Alex loves to perform at home, taking over the living room, doing her modern, "interpretive" dancing (and sometimes singing). So I figured she'd be all over her Christmas pageant like a dirty shirt, but I was a little surprised she wasn't more "into it" than she was.

Woodbank Primary School put on their annual Christmas Pageant the other night. They had an afternoon performance (rehearsal with the other grades) and a 6:30 PM performance, for the parents. Each class did one (or more) songs on a temporary, elevated stage in the gymnasium. It was pretty cute, watching all the kids perform. Some were really into it and others weren't, but a fun time was had by all, I think.

We sat next to our family doctor, Neil Rogers, who has twin boys starting school next year and another son in 2nd grade. (You know you live in a small town when you go to the "school play" and see your doctor!)

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, but Rachel came to the rescue and caught video of "the Oop" doing her Hokey Pokey thing! (They were supposed to be "reindeer" and each kindergartner had a red nose and a head band with cut-out hands as "antlers". Both the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes were combined, which is why there's so many kids.)

Alex is wearing a blue dress and is - pretty much - the kid in the center of the video. Her teacher, Mrs. Pettit, is the one you see in front, waving her arms and shaking her head, giving directions to the kids.

OKAY ... I'll shut up now. Head to the next page to see the unedited, raw footage. (Pasted in a relative hurry for eager grandparent's pleasure)!


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1.flag Gran Pilley Comment
Great production. We loved it. Sorry we couldn't be there in person. We're pretty proud grandparents.
2.flag stk Comment
Yeah, we're pretty proud as parents too! :p
3.flag Gary Comment
Alex sure did look like she was enjoying herself.

I remember watching ours at school in nativity plays, and the tiny low chairs that you had to sit on :)

4.flag stk Comment
Hey ... we sat in those EXACT same chairs (at a tiny table too), during our parent-teacher conference. (I'm fairly certain it gives the kindergarten a psychological advantage, as she's used to it). :p
5.flag Gary Comment
I know what you mean ;) and don't the teachers look younger and younger as well ?

6.flag stk Comment
Cuter too! :D