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Mother of All Mashups

Mother of All Mashups

March 16th, 2009  · stk

I have John of to thank for turning me on to an amazing mashup of music by an Israeli named "Kutiman". Kutiman has mixed a variety of disparate YouTube videos, creating amazing new music. Rarely does something cross my desk that astounds me. This did.

Israeli Musician "Kutiman" Mixes YouTube Videos to Make a New Vibe

Every once in a while, you run across something on the Internet that blows your socks off and redefines your very understanding of the world. So it was for me, when my Australian mate turned me onto Thru-You, an online album of recycled YouTube music.

"Wow," Scott said, replaying the music again and again, in an effort to digest and fully comprehend the creative genius at work.

"The vision, patience, technical and musical knowledge that's required [to pull together unrelated YouTube videos and mix them into a completely new sound] is just astounding," Scott claimed, upon watching (and hearing) "The Mother of All Funk Chords", which is the first of seven songs contained in this online album.

See if you agree. Watch Kutiman's YouTube mix and learn more about the controversy that it created!

You-Tube, i-Tube, We-All-Tube for You-Tube!

The premise is simple: Pull together various YouTube videos and extract bits and pieces and cobble them together (repeating portions ad-nauseously, if necessary) to make something that is both compelling and completely new. The artistry, of course, is in the doing of it. Which is why, until now, we've not seen such a construction. It was bound to happen, of course, and it was finally perpetrated by an Israeli by the name of Ophir Kutiel (AKA Kutiman).

I think part of Kutiman's success is that he utilized many YouTube "music lesson" videos, which contain pure music, emanating from a single instrument and which are uncluttered by other musicians and noise. Regardless, the result is astounding and even if you don't like funk, you can appreciate what Kutiman has wrought!

It's a true Tower of Power! Here you go ... presenting the first track off of Kutiman's YouTube album "ThruYou" is "The Mother of All Funk Chords!"

Israli musician kutiman makes mother of all mashups youtube videos new music mother of all funk


Creative Genius or Stolen Loot?

Sarah Amstutz sings acappella in her living room with a baby sitting in her lap. She sings an original song and decides to post her video on YouTube. It gathers some 9,000 views in about a year.

Then along comes Kutiman. He uses Sarah's video (along with a number of others) to create a completely new tune called "Someday".

This song, as with the others by Kutiman are impressive! We're not talking about straight editing here. Kutiman put in oodles of time, effort and creative energy into synthesizing, amalgamating and processing all these disparate musical (and visual) bits. In the case of "Someday", Sarah's acapella is accompanied by a wide variety of eclectic musical instruments: farfisa mini organ, conga, vibraphone, recorder, roland synthesizer, a Tibetan bowl and a Jews harp, just to name a few.

With the amazed mass, come the sniveling lawyers, each claiming, "Copyright infringement." Kutiman's new album of mashed-up YouTube videos has garnered a number of comments over at Techdirt. How long will it be before a certain Mr. Ophir Kutiel finds himself holding a registered letter from a multi-named legal firm, requesting his presence in some over-wooded room full of legal albatrosses?

Personally, I hope "never". In this case at least, the total is far greater than the sum of its parts.


Credit Where Credit is Due

One factor to consider is the fact that Kutiman didn't just yard over video from YouTube, incorporate it into a new work and then moved on - he credits everyone's video that was used in his creation and even gives them "thanks" on his website.

To follow through, let's look at each of the "players" in his first song "The Mother of All Funk Chords" - roughly in order of appearance:


Digging Deeper

• Kutiman's Website (music, pictures ... more)


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1.flag VoteAudrey Comment
I think it's wonderful. I love a good mix, better yet a remix, and that in itself is a gift.
2.flag stk Comment
Yeah, I thought it was pretty rocking too! (And to think there are some that are sniveling about "copyright").

Mind you ... if I was IN the video AND it had commercial success, I'd think it was pretty cool to collect some revvs. But if it's just a "for free" thing ... I'd be pointing all my friends at the vid, "Hey look! It's ME!"
3.flag Gary Comment
Now that's what I call a mix, nice work.

Gz :)
4.flag stk Comment
Amazing eh? Did you check out the other tracks at thru-you?
5.flag Reymos Comment
03/17/09 did you manage to remix these uuuuuutubes clips into one? Im curious, what software did you use to blend the audio and so on. Well done.
6.flag stk Comment
Reymos - You'll need to ask the guy who actually made the mashup. The link to his website is in the article. ;)
7.flag Rob Comment
That's Brilliant - Great find!
8.flag stk Comment
Thanks, Rob! It's a brilliant contribution, for sure.

BTW, tell Melissa, "Good Luck!" from me. Hope all-y'all are headed to Australia for the Reef Job Top-10 interviews.
9.flag Rob Comment
Thanks...Fingers crossed!
10.flag Boaz Comment
My name is Boaz and I'm Kutiman's manager.

Thanks for the nice write-up with all the credits.

We appreciate the support!