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Spring Break

Spring Break

March 26th, 2009  · stk

Alex goes to Vancouver for Spring Break 2009! Alex visited maternal grandparents for a week of fun, most of which has been captured in this online scrap book (Thanks Gran!)

Alex has a "Whale" of a Time in Vancouver!

I still have to pinch myself at the fact that Alex is in school! She's finished her 2nd (of 3) kindergarten terms and did very well on her report card, by the way. (Alex "meets expectations" or "exceeds expectations" in all 42 of the development metrics and improved over her first term marks in 7 of them.)

Yay Alex! (Congratulations and high-five's all 'round for our "Oop"!)

For her week-long Spring break, Rachel ferried Alex over to the mainland, so that she could spend a week with her maternal grandparents. Rachel returned after a couple days and we were "kid-less" for the better part of a week! (Not that we really took advantage of it, but we did note how clean the house stayed and - sadly - how quiet it was in her absence. On the plus side, we did enjoy a few "pub dinners" and even had a lunch-date at a sushi restaurant, so mom and dad enjoyed some "quality time" for ourselves.

Alex was kept very busy in Vancouver and even kept a journal of her activities! ("Thanks Gran and grandpa for taking good care of me! I had lots of fun and I especially liked making the scrap book," said Alex, adding, "Well, Dad said to say the bit about the scrap book, but I did have fun making it - really!")

To see what the Oop was up to on her Spring break ... read on ...

Alex's Spring Break Slide Show

Just to get this up in a hurry, I'm gonna toss up the slide show and finish "fluffing" the rest, later. I know grandparents, friends and family - on both sides of the border - are keen on seeing more pictures of "the Oop"! (At least, that's what I keep hearing on the phone!)

Alex's 2009 Spring Break (Vancouver)

Click a thumb to see the bigger picture

  • Alex's Spring-Break Journal
  • C.W. Parker Carousel (1912)
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Vancouver Aquarium Visitor's Map
  • Beluga Whales Qila & Tiqa
  • Baby Beluga
  • Bullfrog Exhibit
  • Leatherback Turtle
  • Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre
  • Caterpillar
  • Kaleidoscope Theatre: "King Aurthor's Kitchen"
  • Alex's Spindled, Mutilated Ticket
  • Swimming Across the Pool
  • A Relative "Play Date"
  • Toby and Alex
  • Big Bubbles
  • Science World
  • Science World Building
  • Magnet Painting
  • Oop Art
  • A New Spin on Art

Photo Credits

Vancouver Science World. - Photo by rassputyn and uploaded on Jul 24, 2004 (webshots).

- Photo by Stv on June 13, 2008 (Flickr).


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1.flag Gary Comment
Glad Alex got a good report card, its nice to see them doing well at school.
It looks like she had a great spring break, the photo's are good, I like the one with her head in a dome.

Its nice for you and Rachel to have some time alone, but if you are anything like me and my wife, on the odd occasion we were on our own when the girls were young, we would just talk about them 9 times out of 10. It's a parenting instinct I guess :)

2.flag stk Comment
Yeah, we're pretty happy with Alex's progress (minus the tantrums). :p

LOL @ time alone. Think we asked, "Wonder how Alex is making out?" about a million times, plus the ocassional, "I miss Alex!" You're spot on there! ;)
3.flag Paul Comment
I gonna be touched. Scott is a great father. I think few fathers could do what Scott did for his baby.
4.flag stk Comment
Paul - LOL ... Alex thinks I'm a great father too, until I tell her that she needs to (insert any of the following) " [ get dressed | clean your room | take a bath | do your homework | do your chores ] " !!

Kids! :roll: