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Purr-fect Inspiration

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Purr-fect Inspiration

May 4th, 2009  · stk

Our cat, Tuxedo, is fat, old and lazy. Scott thought that a positive motivational message would inspire him. See if it works

Tuxedo Gets Motivational Message

Scott's father sent Scott an email today. Attached were a bunch of great animal photos, many of which were amazing, fast-action shots. Scott loves animals!

Isn't Rachel is always saying, "Scott should have been a veterinarian?"

One of the photos, in particular, caught Scott's eye and he thought it might motivate our cat, "Tuxedo". He's a neutered, 17-year-old cat that lays around the house and is keen only on dinner, a warm lap or geting petting. He's not too interested in catching mice.

Scott moused his way over to Big Huge Labs and within 60 seconds - OKAY, more like 10-minutes because he had to tweak the fonts and colors - came up with this motivational poster.

For more about the motivational poster, Tuxedo's reaction and to see the 30 other great animal photos, carry on ...

Cussy Pat Poster

"Do we have any spare 8x10 frames?" Scott asked Rachel.

"Yeah," said Rachel, "We've got a whole box of them in our upstairs closet."

"In the banana box?" yells Scott, from upstairs.

"No, in the other closet, along the wall, past the shoe rack," shouts Rachel.

Even though it's been two and a half years since we moved from Edmonton to Vancouver Island, we still have lots of stuff stashed in cardboard boxes. (Scott makes a mental note to unpack some of this stuff, but then decides not to, knowing we lack storage space and a box is - at least - neater than anything else he can think of, off the top of his head.)

Putting Tuxedo's new motivational poster in an appropriately black frame, Scott mounts it just above the cat's food bowl.

"There," he says, "Do you think he'll get the message?"

Rachel comes out from the kitchen and dutifully looks at the cat-oriented artwork, hung about 8 inches off the baseboard, above the messy area known as 'Tuxedo corner'.

"Uh, honey," she says, sarcastically "I'm pretty sure that he'll be oblivious to the picture and won't get the message."

Scott thinks that Rachel isn't took keen on the whole "cat artwork" thing, but manages a good comeback.

"Yeah," he says, "I should have made the message font a tad larger." :D

While Tuxedo isn't too interested in catching mice, he does love to lord over the garden area, just off the patio. It his 10-foot by 20-foot dominion, the only place on our 5-acre property that he's claimed as "his". It's thick with bushy ground-cover and just the sort of place that garter snakes, voles and other small creatures love to hang out.

On a sunny day, Tuxedo will sit for hours, ears pricked for the slightest movement of a leaf or branch, eager to pounce on whatever is making the disturbance. To Tuxedo's credit, he has managed to capture a couple of shrews, but we don't know if he's ever captured a snake and he'd probably run if he saw one of the large Norway rats that abound in the chicken run.

Tuxedo used to weigh about 16 pounds - he was a big boy - and that's partly how he got the nickname, "Big Guy". Age is taking its toll on the Big Buy however, as he'd gradually slowed and he isn't nearly as active as he used to be. Food, nap and lap are his main hobbies now, unless the sun is out, then he's into lolling in the sunshine (technically, that's still in the 'nap' department).

Hopefully, our aging, torpid cat will derive some motivation from his new dining room artwork - Lord knows we've got lots of rats that he could sink his teeth into - if he just got off his fat lazy arse and could make it as far as the chicken coop!

Go Tuxedo, go!

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1.flag Gary Comment
Lol, a lazy cat with rats to catch in the chicken coop huh!

Those animal pictures are great, love the funny captions. I like the chicken sat on a puppy, I will show my daughters later when they have finished watching a tv show (hence why I am on the PC) ;-)

Let me know if the poster works and really does motivate your cat, I will make one myself and put it infront of my desk at work, it's seemed a long day today and I was real glad when It was time to finish work :)

2.flag stk Comment
Boy, you're really up on your farm animals! (That's a kid - baby goat - the hen is sitting on, not a puppy) ;)

I'm fairly certain the poster won't affect Tuxedo much, larger font or not.

Too bad today's not Friday, eh?

(Throat getting more sore, by the minute.) :(
3.flag Gary Comment
Lol, as soon as I had hit the 'send' button I thought, "a female chicken is called a hen, gary, you idiot." I must admit that I thought it was a puppy though. These darn glasses are useless ;)

Have you tried gargling with luke warm cat pee ? ........... It doesn't help your throat but the taste sure takes your mind off it for a few minutes :)

Get well soon,

4.flag stk Comment
Gary - Cat pee is the most caustic, foul-smelling substance known to Man and as bad as it is, I'd imagine obtaining it from a cat would be worse yet! :|

Yer a sick man, Gary! :D ( And now, so am I :( )