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Scott's Mom Wins Award

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Scott's Mom Wins Award

May 10th, 2009  · stk

Scott's Mom was honored last night in a gala event held in Washington D.C., where she was given the prestigeous "2009 - Mother of the Year" award, by the National Maternal Society of America. Beyoncé Knowles, British singer Seal and his wife, Heidi Klum, were among those in attendance. The presentation included a pre-recorded message of support, from President Obama. See the CNNBC news video, proudly posted on Randsco.

Marilyn Kimler Recognized as "Mother of the Year"

CNNBC News - Just in time for Mother's Day, the National Maternal Society of America, last night, awarded Marilyn Kimler - my Mom! - the prestigeous and coveted "2009 Mother of the Year" award.

In a star-studded event that included such celebrities as Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé Knowles, British singer Seal and his wife, Heidi Klum, the Master of Ceremonies, Robert Winthrop, presented the Marilyn's award and described her hard work.

"Our recipient's duties also include selflessly contributing 52-hours of every day to people other than herself," he said, to a packed audience.

To see the CNNBC neww video of the event - which also includes a pre-recorded message by President Obama - continue on ...

"You go Mom!" said Scott, during several telephone interviews, last night, with various press agencies, "You rock!"

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Marilyn Kimler wins prestigeous Mother of the Year Award

For anyone else who wants their Mom to rock as much as mine, just head over to CNNBC Video, where you can customize your own video.

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1.flag John Comment
Fantastic.. you must be proud as punch.
2.flag John Comment
But then again, I just won it as well :) Bruce Springsteen was at my celebration. The better half demanded John Lennon appear for her award though she had to settle with Ringo
3.flag stk Comment
LOL ... I think that tallies as a "gotcha". :p

Quick recovery, though I'm a tad surprised, as a guy, you won "Mother of the Year!"! (Boy, Aussies really DO do it differently) :D

Pretty neat, eh? Though, for me, da bomb would have been if they spoke the recipient's name, aloud.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!
4.flag Gary Comment
LOL, That was a good-en.
I read it at lunch time and nearly fell for it, but at the last hurdle after I had read Johns reply - All became clear ;)

Very good one though and nicely done :D

5.flag stk Comment
Glad you liked it. I'll put you 3rd into the same hole! :D (Someone of facebook went for it too).

Pretty real looking.

I really should post more gags - everyone obsiously thinks I'm so serious all the time! (Except the Oop, of course. "Ohhhh Daaad," she says.)

Had a devil of a time getting the video into FLV format though (ended up re-imaging the PC over it, b/c I downloaded some buggy program that promised conversion and ended up hosing my Adobe Flash install instead). :|
6.flag John Comment
An absolute gotcha. And about one minute later it sunk in. :(
7.flag stk Comment
LOL ... That's that "one minute" between [RTN] and "doh!" :p

(Been there ... done that).

If it makes you feel any better, two others fell for it too... and they weren't Aussies! :D
8.flag Gary Comment
It was a cracker, and well worth re-imagine for the laugh ;-)