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Things Rachel Loves

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Things Rachel Loves

October 21st, 2009  · stk

Rachel loves scrapbooking and recently made a "100 Things I Love" page, partly using Photoshop. I carried on with Photoshop and made a pure digital version. Also included is a photoshop tutorial for the "text-masking" typographic technique.

Scrapbook Page via Photoshop

Rachel has been scrapbooking for a few years and she has improved her skills remarkably. Each 12-inch by 12-inch page she does now is a work of art. Most of her pages are vignettes of the moments of family life and - one day - I will photograph and put them in an online gallery - to share and inspire others with their own scrapbooking projects.

In contrast, I scrapbook online, with this blog. (I'm more about the words than the pictures ... but I try!)

Rachel's latest effort is shown here, a page dedicated to the "100 Things I Love". The page is a blend of digital scrapbooking and paper scrapbooking. It's Rachel's first foray into the digital scrapbooking realm.

I found an online Photoshop tutorial that explained how to make text from words, which Rachel then used to make her own "100". I think it turned out really well and thought others might like to learn about the technique. (Of course, because I'm the "computer dude" in the family, I took Rachel's final "100" and put my own spin on a purely digital page, which you can see by reading on) ...

Electrons -vs- Cellulose

100 Things

Click for full Monty

  • 100 Things I Love

On the right is my Photoshop manipulation of Rachel's final PSD file. Click the thumb to see a larger (800px-wide) blow up of the final image. (Should be large enough that you can read the text, which is pretty neat synopsis of things Rachel loves! I was surprised at a couple of them - guess I don't know my wife as well as I thought!)

Rachel usually does all her scrapbooking in paper form, but with today's computer technology, more and more scrapbooking pages are being done digitally. And why not! Aside from the learning curve associated with a program like Photoshop, digital scrapbooking offers some major advantages: no ruined pages, as many copies as you want, the ability to edit, re-edit and edit some more, sharing via email, photo services and websites, letters and photos don't shift or fall off and digital "pages" can be easily re-sized.

The only thing keeping Rachel from doing more digitally is finding a place that prints inexpensive 12-inch by 12-inch prints, which is the size of her current (paper) scrapbooking pages. (There must be a solution and perhaps I'll look into it. The only thing we know right now is that the places we currently get photos done - The Real Canadian Superstore & Staples - can't make prints that size).


Using Photoshop to Make Text, Using Text

Quick'n Dirty Photoshop Guide

  1. Create new (1280x1024) w/black gradient bkgrd (#111 to #000)
  2. Write "100" in large text (dark color, layer transparency 20%)
  3. Fill "100" with individual words (each its own layer)
  4. (Use diff fonts, styles, sizes ... the tedious part)
  5. You're done. Hide the "100" layer & print!
  6. Fancier: Put all words into one group or set
  7. Copy the group & hide the original one
  8. Apply a color gradient to the copied set
  9. Add a background + title

For more detail, see the original tutorial

Cut to the chase: already familiar with Photoshop? Here's a brief synopsis of the Photoshop workflow.

As a web developer, I have done a fair bit of design work, though it is not my speciality and I'm forever learning new techniques. When Rachel first mentioned her project, I said, "I know I've seen a tutorial for doing that, I just need to find it."

It's not an easy tutorial to find! (Searching Google for "Photoshop tutorial making text out of text" isn't exactly going to find that particular needle in that haystack called "the web"!)

Ultimately, I searched "Top 40 Typographic Designs" (or something like that) and found ""101 Top Photoshop Typography Tuts" (which is pretty cool to look through). Number 73 on their list was "Creating a Typographic Wallpaper", by Tyler Bramer ... exactly what I was looking for!

Isn't the Internet cool?

Tyler's tutorial is very straight-forward and I'd recommend you check it out. While you're doing that, why not give it a whirl and make your own list: 100 things you hate, love, adore about your husband ... shoot, it could even be 50 things if you're having a tough time. Rachel said she'd have to make mine a list of ten. :(

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Cool. We might try this on a new t-shirt design. If we do, we'll be sure to mention the source of the idea.