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Olympic Torch Run

Olympic Torch Run

October 25th, 2009  · stk

There are 110 days till the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, but the Olympic torch is on it's way to our little town of Cedar, British Columbia. Learn about the 2010 Olympic torch, the Canadian national torch run and more. If you can, come down and help celebrate the event with live entertainment, free hot-dogs and Halloween treats. (Olympic torch run map included)

Olympic Torch Arrives in Cedar on Oct 31st

There's 110 days to go before the start of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, but the Olympic torch was lit, in Greece, on Thursday.

The torch run has begun. It's currently on a 7-day circuit through Greece. After that, it will be handed off to Vancouver 2010 officials and flown to Canada, where it will begin a 45,000-kilometer, 106-day trek across Canada.

The Olympic flame will be passing through our little hamlet of Cedar, British Columbia on Day 2 of its 106-day journey ... coming through town on Halloween (Oct 31st).

For more on the torch, maps & the Cedar celebration ... read on ...

About the Torch

The Olympic torch was made by Bombardier, a Canadian company world-renown for innovative engineering designs, the 2010 Olympic torch was inspired by the lines left in snow by skis and by marks left in ice by skates - hallmarks of winter sports. The torch weighs 3.5 pounds and has a white composite finish, a stainless steel burner and an aluminum core. It burns a blend of propane, iso-butane and other hydrocarbons, which provides a wide operational range (from -50°C to +40°C), a flame that's visible in many conditions and a burn time of 12-15 minutes.

Each torch bears a contemporary interpretation of an Inuit inukshuk Inuit Inukshuk 2010 Olympic Logo Across Canada, the Inuit built piles of rock slabs and stone, which resemble the shape of a person, with arms stretched out. These structures are known as inukshuk (pronounced 'in-ook-shook'). In Inuit, "inukshuk" means "likeness of a person". Traditionally, inukshuk were used to guide or channel caribou into areas where Inuit hunters could easily harvest them. Along the Arctic coastlines, they were used as markers to open channels. Inland, on the treeless tundra, inukshuk were used to help foot travelers find their way through mountains - a longer arm indicating direction of travel. Some have peep holes, through which a traveler could spy another inukshuk, in the distance. The contemporary inukshuk design for the 2010 Olympics was done by the Elena Rivera MacGregor Design Group and was chosen from among 1,600 entries from across Canada. The design came immediately, to the team, as they see the inukshuk as a "gift from the North that has become a local landmark, and a symbol that is found throughout Canada." The mouth was added as a last-minute touch, when Rivera MacGregor thought it "needed a little something more - to bring [the inukshuk] to life". , chosen for the 2010 Olympic emblem, a cut-out of the Canadian maple leaf and in inscription of the 2010 Olympic Games motto: "With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brillants exploits. (The maple leaf cut-out is also functional, serving as an air intake to feed the Olympic Flame).

Twelve-thousand torchbearers will hold an Olympic Torch as they carry their torches through the 1,037 communities along the Olympic torch route. Something like 90% of Canadians will have an opportunity to see the Olympic Torch, as it slowly makes its way to Vancouver, in February.


The Olympic Torch Festivities in Cedar & Nanaimo

The torch arrives in Victoria on October 30th, passing through a variety of communities in the Victoria area. On Day 2, the Olympic torch will start in Sooke and end up in Nanaimo, where there will be a gala event at Maffeo-Sutton Park, culminating with a fireworks display, over the Nanaimo harbour.

In Nanaimo, crews have decorated the Third Street corridor and Maffeo-Sutton Park with 268 Olympic torch relay banners. The final relay runner will arrive in the park by 8 PM and will light a cauldron there. Festivities begin in Nanaimo at 5:30 PM. Kids can trick-or-treat at kiosks, while entertainers perform on the Pavilion. CTV will broadcast its local 6:00 PM news show from the main stage beginning at 5:45 PM. Fireworks over Nanaimo harbour will start at 9 PM.

For a more detail, including time-line, transportation, frequently asked questions and suggestions, head to the City of Nanaimo Olympic Torch Relay page.

In contrast, our little hamlet of Cedar (pop. est. 6,700 in electoral area "A") has no such web page. I did, however, recently pick up a flyer when I was in town, indicating that there would be festivities at the Wheatsheaf Ball Field, from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Come out and enjoy FREE hot chocolate and hot dogs. Local performances by the Bastion City Cloggers, Taoist Tai Chi and the Herrington Academy of Performing Arts. There will also be free Halloween treats and a costume parade for the children.

The torch relay will arrive at approximately 6:00 PM, with a convoy of vehicles, which will include support vehicles for torchbearers, media, the relay crew and RCMP support. Temporary rolling road closures will ensure the safety of the torch-bearers and spectators lining the relay route.

There will be no parking permitted along the relay route; however, there will be designated event parking at the Wheatsheaf ball fields, Woodbank Primary School and the North Cedar Fire Hall. Please respect "No Parking" areas and private residences, if parking along roadsides close to the relay route.


Come help "Light the Way" for torch-bearers as the Olympic torch passes through Cedar!


The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics go Modern

In case you missed the graphical links, there's an Olympic Torch Relay interactive map on the Vancouver 2010 website: The Flashy Interactive Map

Of course, to be with the times, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is on Facebook and if you're on twitter, you can also follow the Olympic Torch Run.

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Watch the Olympic Flame land in Canada (Victoria International Airport) ... LIVE ...