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Photoshopped Rachel

Photoshopped Rachel

June 6th, 2010  · stk

In 2008, I entered a photo contest at Alberni Outpost, a Vancouver Island outdoor store. We didn't win, but I recently noticed the photo was used as the background for the new Alberni Outpost web site design. Have a look at the new Alberni Outpost design. Amazing!

Rachel's Photo Backdrop for Local (Alberni Outpost) Website

Rachel paddling a canoe on Isaac Lake, Bowron Lakes, B.C. - now Alberni Outpost website backdrop

We are were considering purchasing a used tandem kayak from Alberni Outpost, a Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Store, with stores in Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Courtney & Nanoose. The fibreglass kayak has been in the Alberni Outpost rental fleet for some number of years and yesterday, we took it on a "test paddle" around Newcastle Island and to Protection Island (where we had dinner at the Dinghy Dock Pub). It was an excellent afternoon and will be the focus of an upcoming article.

In doing research for the article, I made a surprising discovery. A photo we submitted the Alberni Outpost in 2008, for a photo contest, is currently the background image for every page of the Alberni Outpost website!!

The photo I submitted to their photo contest can be seen in our Bowron Lakes Slide Show. It's also on the Alberni Outpost Photo Contest page (2008) on the Alberni Outpost website (their site depends on JavaScript, so there isn't a direct link to the picture. Just click on "2008 Photos" at the Alberni Outpost photo contest and you'll see it.)

Despite the fact that the photo didn't win, Alberni Outpost chose it - over all the other photos submitted over the years and over all past winning submissions - as the backdrop for the new Alberni Outpost web site design.

We suspect the photo didn't win because it was a canoeing picture and not a kayaking picture. No worries! Just a Photoshop nip here and Photoshop tuck there and suddenly, Rachel is paddling a kayak instead of a canoe! Amazing what can be accomplished with digital photos, eh?

So, do you think the owner of Alberni Outpost, Richard Antonchuk, will give us a discount on the used kayak as consideration for using our photo in the new Alberni Outpost web design? :D (NOPE and neither a "thanks", nor a mention on the Alberni Outpost web site ... nor any consideration. VERY disappointing). :'(

alberni outpost background photo original bowron lake photo that's now the Alberni Outpost web background

Alberni Outpost used our photo submitted in 2008 for the new Alberni Outpost web site design, after using Photoshop to "put" Rachel in a "kayak". Hover to compare before & Alberni Outpost modded "after" photos!

About the Photo

The picture shows Rachel paddling in the early morning light on the East arm of Lake Isaac, the big lake on the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit.

I overlayed the photos in Photoshop, cropping them to their intersection. I also brightened the Alberni Outpost photo, to provide greater visual detail. (The actual background photo on the Alberni Outpost site is much darker.)

The presentational "image hover-overlay" technique was invented by me, utilizing cross-browser CSS opacity techniques (valid CSS Level 3 code) and is detailed in a 2008 article entitled, "Playing with Opacity" (includes cut'n-paste CSS & HTML code).

See the photo on the Alberni Outpost Website.

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1.flag Sokobanja Comment
Shame. You really have to say something. You should sue them for copyright
2.flag Ann Comment
It clearly states that by entering the photo in the contest, the photo becomes the property of Alberni Outpost. Though I would think a credit somewhere would have been a nice thing for them to do. Either way, kudos to you for a great photo! :-)
3.flag stk Comment
Ann - You're absolutely correct about the "legal" issue. However, we believe there's often a difference between what's legal and what's ethical.

Notification on the usage would have been nice (they have our email and phone number). Proper photo credit would be nicer. Consideration (store credit or discount) would have been ideal - and help foster customer loyalty, eh?
4.flag Ann Comment
I most definitely agree with you! At the very least they should have contacted you! I was, however, just clarifying the rules for the previous poster "Sokobanja." ;-)
5.flag stk Comment
For the record: It's been over 6 months since we posted this article. Alberni Outpost has neither sent us a notification, or added a photo credit to the Alberni Outpost website ... nor have they offered any consideration for the use of the photo.

Gee ... and they say local businesses are best! HA! While it's not a huge deal, we still say, "shame on Alberni Outpost" (and it has affected what we think of their store and our purchasing patterns).