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Not Your Normal Call

Not Your Normal Call

November 29th, 2011  · stk

As a volunteer firefighter, you train in preparation for many different kind of emergencies. This one came across as a "river rescue", but it turned out to be much different than that. These calls don't happen very often - thank God - and it's something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

"Swift-water Rescue"?

When you're a volunteer firefighter, you never know what kind of emergency you're going to attend. You try to prepare for anything. Sometimes, however, a call comes across for which, no amount of training, can help. This was such a call. Something a screenwriter in La-La Land might come up with.

The call came across to us as a river rescue, but it was ... and turned into ... something much more bizarre.

From the Harbour City Star

Postmedia News (Nanaimo) - A 28-year-old Nanaimo man has been arrested after a bizarre, four-hour police chase in which the fugitive kicked in the door of a stranger's home and then fled by hijacking a police car. The incident started at 10 p.m. Thursday near the Cedar landfill when a man in an older model Cadillac Eldorado blew by a road block manned by officers with the Integrated Road Safety Unit, said Nanaimo RCMP spokesman Const. Gary O'Brien.

The driver sped off and by the time officers could catch up to the Eldorado, it was found abandoned near the Cedar bridge over the Nanaimo River. A police dog tracked the man to the water's edge, which made officers think the driver had gone into the water.

 Cedar firefighters  and B.C. Ambulance paramedics rushed to the scene, but could not find the driver. A few minutes later, a frantic 9-1-1 call came in from a nearby homeowner on Raines Road, who said a man had just kicked in the front door and was inside the home, O'Brien said.

Officers rushed to the home about 200 metres away. They searched and found the female homeowner, traumatized but uninjured, but could not find their target. When officers arrived for backup, they were shocked to see the man had slipped inside a police cruiser and was backing it out of the driveway. O'Brien said in the haste of getting inside the house to help the homeowner, the officer left the keys in the car.

Mounties tracked the cruiser using the onboard GPS unit and within 20 minutes, deployed a spike belt near the Cedar General Store. The tires popped and the car came to a stop but the fugitive would not give up. Police dogs were brought in again. Around 2 a.m., the man was arrested at a home belonging to a friend on Cedar Road.

Tyler Desmond Fong is charged with dangerous driving, evading police, break and enter, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property and dangerous driving.

He also has outstanding warrants for his arrest for dangerous driving and possession of stolen property. Fong appeared in Nanaimo provincial court Friday and was remanded into custody.

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