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Breaking the Piggy Bank

November 16th, 2009  · stk

A classic Norman Rockwell moment, as Alex takes her ceramic piggy bank down to our local credit union "Island Savings" and opens her very first bank account. At age six, our girl is learning how to save her money! She deposited $54.40 in coins.

Alex's Opens Her First Bank Account - Chooses Island Savings Credit Union

 Island Savings Credit Union Logo

It was classic Norman Rockwell. A six-year-old girl holding a ceramic piggy bank, sitting in the lobby of a bank, waiting to open her very first bank account. The girl was none other than our Alex and the bank was the small branch of a local credit union.

Earlier that morning, Alex asked, "Can I get a bank account?" (Since Dad is keen on personal finance - having retired at age 39 and opened his first business when he was 12 - his ears perked up).

Several questions later, it became clear to him that Alex understood the concept of banks (even though she couldn't name all the denominations of coins in her piggy bank).

Alex has a very special piggy bank, one given to her by her God-mother - a beautifully decorated and glazed ceramic pig, complete with Alex's tiny hand-print on it (Alex was two-years-old at the time "Wilber" was made).

That afternoon, Dad drove his 6-year-old daughter to the credit union in Cedar. It was a long visit. She signed multiple forms and it took time to count out her "life-savings".

It was a very big day for Alex and a proud one for her Dad (who was busy taking pictures of the event). The visit brought smiles to the banking staff, whe were very patient with Alex and treated her like a 'big girl' customer. Not every new account holder meets one of the Credit Union Board of Directors, but Alex did! She also learned the difference between tokens, coins and foreign money (as she had a few Pence and U.S. coins).

To learn more about Alex's first account, read on ...

Alex Breaks the Pig

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Website house-cleaning. Moved our list of adventure journals inside our CMS, from a static file. (Dunno why I didn't do this from the start). Backpacking, bicycle touring, sea kayaking, hiking ... adventures ... explore your world

Our Online Adventure Journals:

  • Sunshine Coast Bicycle Tour (2010)

    Scott & Alex Racing cycling the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

    Join us on a wholesome family adventure, as we continue to explore our own backyard in beautiful British Columbia. For the first time, our 7-year-old daughter, Alex, hopped on a bike saddle and pedaled all on her own! See how she fared on our 6-day loop trip along the Sunshine Coast. Camping fun, four ferry rides, beautiful views, glorious sunshine and - yes - a few bike repairs along the way! (Detailed journal, interactive route map & plenty of photos).

  • Southern Gulf Islands Kayaking (2009)

    Canadian Southern Gulf Islands Kayaking adventure

    With magnificent, eroded sandstone shorelines, tree-covered hills and blessed with Mediterranean-like weather, it's no wonder that the Gulf Islands is Canada's top kayaking destination. Join Scott & Rachel on their first sea kayaking adventure - a six-day journey exploring the Southern Gulf Islands: Saltspring, Wallace, Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, North & South Pender and Prevost Islands. (Detailed journal, maps & photos). (Warning: Continuing will likely whet your appetite for a kayaking adventure!)

  • Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit (2008)

    Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit

    Outdoor Magazine listed the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit as "one of the World's 10-best canoe trips". The circuit is comprised of six major lakes and sits in the center of British Columbia, deep in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains. Elk, deer, moose, beaver, bear and other wildlife are commonly spotted. We borrowed a canoe, dropped off our 4-year-old daughter and then added "canoeing" to the list of self-propelled adventure traveling that we enjoy. Join us for a 6-day adventure, where we saw spectacular scenery, got up-close and personal with several moose, witnessed the sky on fire, had a pot-luck dinner with others and laughed, while we "sailed" home. (Complete journal, photos, slide-show and "plan your own paddle" resource section).

  • Nanaimo - Seattle Loop Bicycle Tour (2007)

    Nanaimo to Seattle Loop Bicycle Tour

    Cycling from our home on Vancouver Island, we made a loop that included the following: Salt Spring Island (a Canadian Gulf Island), Victoria, the Coho Ferry, Port Angeles, the Olympic Discovery Bike Trail, Sequim, U.S. Hwy 101, Bainbridge Island, Seattle (via Ferry), the Centennial Bike Trail, Snohomish, Mt. Vernon, the famous Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham, the Tswwassen ferry back to Vancouver Island. Whew! 350 miles of cycling and half a dozen ferry rides. It was Alex's third cycle-touring adventure (the Oop is now over 3½ years old). The early September weather was beautiful. Washington is a very bicycle-friendly state. Join Scott, Rachel, the Oop on this unusual, looping cycle adventure.

  • The West Coast Trail (2007)

    West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

    The West Coast Trail is a rugged, breathtaking, beautiful backpacking trail that follows the western shores of Vancouver Island. Making up the southern one-third of Canada's Pacific Rim National Park, the West Coast Trail is one of the World's classic hikes, equally difficult as it is beautiful. Here, the coast is made up of rocky, impassable headlands, sand and pebble beaches, sandstone shelves, alluring seastacks and dangerous surge channels. Join us for our 5-day adventure. (Raw text journal only ... yeah, yeah ... we have photos and stuff ... but posting it takes TIME!)

  • Glacier & Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour (2005)

    Glacier Waterton Lakes Cycle Tour

    This was our second cycle-touring adventure with our daughter, Alexandra (aka 'the Oop'), who was 22-months old at the time. We cycled a 400-mile loop from Whitefish, Montana ... through Waterton Lakes, to Glacier National Park. The views were stunning - glacier-carved mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and lush alpine meadows, covered with colorful wildflowers. Join Dave, Rachel, the Oop and Scott, cycling among peaks of the Canadian and US Rockies. They followed the "Highway to the Sun" (or "Going-to-the-Sun"). Either way you call it ... it was a great cycling trip!

  • Icefields Parkway Cycle Tour (2004)

    Banff-Jasper IceFields Parkway Tour

    This was our first cycle-touring adventure with our daughter, Alexandra (aka 'the Oop'), who was 10-months old at the time. We cycled approximately 300 kilometers along the "Icefields Parkway", the road that connects Alberta's Banff & Jasper National Parks. Cycling with a toddler was an adventure in itself & towing her in the buggy, with all the extra gear, up some very steep grades, made for a challenging ride. The Oop was a 'hit' along the roadway, as fellow cycle-tourists & automobile vacationers marveled that we would be out cycling with such a tiny tot.

  • Pacific Coast Bike Tour (Vancouver to S.F. - 2002)

    Washington,Oregon,California Coast Cycle Tour

    8-Mar-2006 LOST Journal Entries! - (How You can Help!)

    What do you do after hiking 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada? You hop on your bicycles and pedal back! We were pushing the cycle-touring season, by leaving Vancouver in early October, but we felt that a trip down the PCH, down to Scott's parent's ranch near Chico, California was a fitting end to our 5-month Pacific Crest Trail adventure. Read the online journal of our trip (no photos).

  • Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike (2002)

    Pacific Crest Trail - Forrester Pass 13,620 feet in the High Sierra

    After several months of planning & dehydrating our own meals, we embarked on a through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trial. This National Scenic Trail is 2,650 miles long and is a crest trail that goes from Mexico to Canada, through wilderness mountaintops in the San Jacinto, Tehachapi, Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. Over 500 people followed our live website 'trail-updates'. We stayed at a Rave house, suffered through a 17-hour ice storm, saw bear, were licked by deer, fell down (a lot) & had some hairy high-altitude mountain pass crossings in the Sierras. Read about the trip, look at the slideshow, learn about the PCT & plan your own adventure with the tools & resources on our PCT website.

  • Wonderland Trail Backpacking Trip (2001)

    Wonderland Trail - 100 miles around Mt. Rainier

    We prepared for our Pacific Crest Trail adventure by backpacking the 100-mile "Wonderland Trail" around Mount Rainier, in Washington State. Rated by Backpacker magazine as the overall 'BEST' long trail in year 2000, the trail lives up to the accolades. It's a rugged, mountainous trail, but affords a continual, awe-inspiring view of gorgeous Mt. Rainier. Wildlife abounds, as does wildflowers & wild berries. We saw bear, deer, elk, marmots and mice. We crossed alpine meadows afire with colorful lupine, paintbrush and other wildflowers. Read about our trip, the mishaps, view photos & maps. Plan your own adventure.

  • Oregon Coast Cycle Tour (2001)

    Oregon Coast Cycle-Tour

    Our first self-supported cycle-touring adventure! We cycled our own 12-day loop, from Astoria to about halfway down the Oregon coastline, returning via an inland route. We learned about the kindness of strangers & how to ask for assistance. In many respects, we had more fun during the inland return, than we did during the trip down the infamous PCH. Read about our run-in with marauding raccoons & finding odd places to camp. View photos & maps.

  • Rachel's Big Ride Across America (1999)

    American Lung Association Big Ride Across America 1999

    We met on the second day of a 3,250-mile, charity bicycle SAG tour across the United States that benefited the American Lung Association. One hundred thirty five riders, plus a 20-person support crew spent 48 days, averaging 80 miles per day, bicycling across America, from Seattle to Washington D.C. We were a traveling 'city', with semi-trucks that hauled showers, toilets, a bicycle repair shop & gear. Follow along on our amazing & life-affirming adventure! Read Rachel's journal & see how we met. (Complete journal - No photos)

  • Scott's Big Ride Across America (1999)

    American Lung Association 1999 Big Ride Across America

    135 cyclists, 48 days, 3,250 miles ... Seattle to Washington D.C. Most people fly. We cycled every inch of the way, raising more than a million dollars to help the ALA win the battle against lung disease. The first day over Snoqualamie Pass was hot & tough. The rest? All downhill! Ha! Follow Scott on his "Big Ride Across America" during his 1999 adventure, from training for the 100-mile days, through the uncertainty of fund-raising, and of course, the Big Ride itself (as well as a budding romance with a certain Canadian). (Journal, ride map & photos)

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3rd-Party Yahoos

November 9th, 2009  · stk

On October 26, 2009, Yahoo pulled the plug on millions of websites hosted on GeoCities web servers. It marks the end of an early Internet Era and one that affects no less than five of our early adventure journals. Restoration efforts are taking place. Learn more (including why the Internet is a house of cards)

26-Oct Yahoo-GeoCities Shut Down
Randsco Adventures Rescued from Ashes

On October 26, 2009, Yahoo-GeoCities shut-down their servers and immediately obliterated 15 years-worth of personal websites, made by millions of people across the world.

We rescued our early adventure journals off of GeoCities, reposting them on the Randsco domain, including: Scott's Big Ride, Rachel's 1999 Big Ride, our Oregon Cycle Tour and Wonderland Trail backpacking trip.

Begun in 1994, GeoCities spawned "neighborhoods" and by 1997, there were over a million "homesteaders" that had created personal websites. In 1999, Yahoo! bought GeoCities for $2.87 billion dollars.

GeoCities floundered under Yahoo's leadership. Terms of service changes, monthly data transfer limits, eliminating FTP access and changing advertising strategies drove users away. (We moved our home page off of GeoCities in 2003, because advertising changes interfered with visitor experience - and shared server costs were becoming affordable).

To learn more about the GeoCities shut-down, what's being done to preserve this bit of Internet history and the pitfalls of 3rd-party servers ... carry on.

GeoCities Restoration?

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Olympic Torch Run

October 25th, 2009  · stk

There are 110 days till the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, but the Olympic torch is on it's way to our little town of Cedar, British Columbia. Learn about the 2010 Olympic torch, the Canadian national torch run and more. If you can, come down and help celebrate the event with live entertainment, free hot-dogs and Halloween treats. (Olympic torch run map included)

Olympic Torch Arrives in Cedar on Oct 31st

There's 110 days to go before the start of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, but the Olympic torch was lit, in Greece, on Thursday.

The torch run has begun. It's currently on a 7-day circuit through Greece. After that, it will be handed off to Vancouver 2010 officials and flown to Canada, where it will begin a 45,000-kilometer, 106-day trek across Canada.

The Olympic flame will be passing through our little hamlet of Cedar, British Columbia on Day 2 of its 106-day journey ... coming through town on Halloween (Oct 31st).

For more on the torch, maps & the Cedar celebration ... read on ...

More on the 2010 Olympic Torch Run

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Things Rachel Loves

October 21st, 2009  · stk

Rachel loves scrapbooking and recently made a "100 Things I Love" page, partly using Photoshop. I carried on with Photoshop and made a pure digital version. Also included is a photoshop tutorial for the "text-masking" typographic technique.

Scrapbook Page via Photoshop

Rachel has been scrapbooking for a few years and she has improved her skills remarkably. Each 12-inch by 12-inch page she does now is a work of art. Most of her pages are vignettes of the moments of family life and - one day - I will photograph and put them in an online gallery - to share and inspire others with their own scrapbooking projects.

In contrast, I scrapbook online, with this blog. (I'm more about the words than the pictures ... but I try!)

Rachel's latest effort is shown here, a page dedicated to the "100 Things I Love". The page is a blend of digital scrapbooking and paper scrapbooking. It's Rachel's first foray into the digital scrapbooking realm.

I found an online Photoshop tutorial that explained how to make text from words, which Rachel then used to make her own "100". I think it turned out really well and thought others might like to learn about the technique. (Of course, because I'm the "computer dude" in the family, I took Rachel's final "100" and put my own spin on a purely digital page, which you can see by reading on) ...

Photoshop Scrapbooking Technique

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