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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Rainy Day Reno

April 18th, 2010  · stk

NewsBrief: [Rainy Day Reno] If it hadn't rained today, I wouldn't be doing this! •

Bathroom Reno Starts

The day before yesterday, it was a bright and sunny day. Scott was working outside, mowing the pasture and fighting the first wave of dandelions.

Yesterday, it was rainy. Because we had scraped off the textured ceiling in the bathroom, in preparation for a new coat of paint, we looked at the bathroom with a more critical eye.

"It'd be nice to move the baseboard heater around the corner," said Rachel, "because then it wouldn't interfere with opening the vanity drawers." (and the vanity could be placed against the wall, instead of having an ugly gap).

"Yeah," Scott said, "and we really need to redo the drywall in the skylight, since it's not finished well, peeling and probably has moisture damage."

One thing let to another and now, we've somehow committed ourselves to doing a mini bathroom renovation (mind you, not the big bathroom renovation, because the BIG bathroom renovation involves splitting the one full bathroom into two 3/4 bathrooms, giving Alex her own bathroom and removing the super-sized jacuzzi bathtub that we never use because it takes so much well water to fill it (when you're on well water and septic, the jacuzzi tub seems like an impractical luxury ... and we already have another full bath downstairs).

So, Scott grabbed the hammer and started the demolition phase.

Rachel asked, nervously, "This will be done soon, right?" adding, "I mean, you're pretty good at the demolition stuff, but fairly slow at the rebuilding stuff."

Scott glared at Rachel.

Rachel's only hope is that it rains for a week straight!

To be done: Replace the rotten drywall in the skylight with water-resistant drywall and finish it off nicely, change the angle of the drywall at the bottom of the drywall to continue the line of the vertical wall across the entire room, move the baseboard heater, move the vanity back against the wall, which necessitates a new counter top, sink and fixtures, build a shelving unit above the commode, add a pot light above the commode, straighten out the wavy drywall joints for the two non-ninety-degree angles, prime, paint and re-caulk.

No worries, eh?.

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Hisstory: Sumatra Roads

March 21st, 2010  · stk

A blast from the past. Scott used to work in the remote jungles of northern Sumatra for Mobil Oil, as a field geophysicist. In the first of a series of articles from his field journals, he examines the driving hazards in this far away land. (Note: Doubly linked, so that the article registers as a "new" RSS feed)

Real & Imaginary Hazards

Nearly twenty five years ago, Scott was working as a field-operations geophysicist for Mobil Oil, based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. His job was to supervise two helicopter-supported seismic crews (over a 1,000 men on each crew) that were exploring for oil and gas in the remote jungles of northern Sumatra.

He kept a journal of his adventures and is finally getting around to publishing some of them here, on, along with accompanying photos.

In this first "Hisstory" article (a new category), he's published an article which examines some of the driving hazards encountered in the Aceh Province of northern Sumatra. To learn about these road hazards, see some pictures and a slide show from "back in the day" ... click the link and head back to May, 1986 ...

The Medan Bus
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Spring Gardening

March 16th, 2010  · stk

2010 is officially "The Year of the House", as Scott refocuses on things closer to home. One of the first projects of the year was to revamp their front planter, building a trellis and creating a visual divide for an outdoor "room". See what he's been up to.

A Long 2010 To-do List

We've been living on our 5-acre Yellow Point wooded lot for over three years now. Each year it seems we have a laundry list of things to do, but the summer season always rushes by and the list just gets longer. It looks like 2010 might be "The Year of the Home", as Scott has been making more of a commitment to the property and less to his computer (as you can tell by the dirth of recent posts here).

One of the projects he's tackled recently, has been revamping the front planter box. This involved removing an overgrown Hydrangea, pervasive St. John's Wort, building a five-foot-tall lattice fence, amending the soil and planting some new (deer-resistant) flowering and climbing plants.

Follow along as Scott and Rachel plan their new garden and see the results of all of Scott's labor. (We'll update with another photo at the end of the growing season and continue with updates, to see if our "future planning" actually comes to fruition).

Can You Dig It?

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Updated: 17-Mar-2010
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Alex Year Five

January 27th, 2010  · stk

A slide show of Alex's 2009. Over 100 photos presented in an "ArtiZine" format (unique design and layout, driven by the article content). Not your normal blog post. Come check out the design and Alex's year.

Slide Show: 100+ Pics of "the Oop!"

Christ­mas came upon us very fast this year. Be­cause both sets of Alex's grand­par­ents own a di­git­al photo frame, we gave them each a 2GB SD card, con­tain­ing over 300 fam­ily pho­tos (mostly of their grand­daugh­ter). One month later, I've up­loaded some of the best shots to Rand­sco, to share with every­one else!

Alex is a very out­go­ing and en­ga­ging girl of six, though in most of these pho­tos, she's five. Al­ex­an­dra is her full name, but we just call her "Alex" or "the Oop" (a nick­name that she's had for a while and one that stuck). She had a very busy year at kinder­garten, vis­it­ing grand­par­ents, ex­plor­ing, mak­ing friends and just be­ing a kid. We in­vite you to share her year in pic­tures.

We hope you en­joy the show, which is presen­ted in an Ar­tiZ­ine What the Heck is an Ar­tiZ­ine? An ar­tiz­ine is a blog art­icle that has a com­pletely unique design & page lay­out, driv­en by the con­tents of the art­icle. It is re­min­is­cent of print magazine art­icles, where each art­icle has a some­what dif­fer­ent design, ty­po­graphy and/or art­work. In fact, the word "artizine" is a com­bin­a­tion of the word "article" and "magazine". An ar­tiz­ine is dif­fer­ent from a blogazine. In a blogazine, every art­icle con­tains magazine-like styl­ing. Be­cause such styl­ing takes work, blogazines are in­fre­quently up­dated and re­quire the blog au­thor(s) to main­tain a sep­ar­ate site for their "nor­mal" mus­ings. In con­trast, an ar­tiz­ine is simply a spe­cial, magazine-like art­icle, con­tained with­in a reg­u­lar blog. format and it's the second such art­icle we've pub­lished. As such, it may be a bit dis­or­i­ent­ing to some folks. Just wait for the page to load and then hover over the mov­ing theater screen stat­ic. Click to start the slide show. Then click the thumb­nail im­ages to move for­ward, or back­ward, through the slide show! (Simple really)

Now, let's get on to Alex's spe­cially de­signed slide show!


Show me the Show!

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ArtiZine Fire

January 24th, 2010  · stk

NewsBrief: [Firefighter of the Year] Scott was awarded firefighter of the year • [ArtiZine] Scott introduces a new word to the world.

Fireman of the Year

North Cedar Fire Hall - At the annual Awards Night Dinner, held last night at the fire hall, Scott Kimler was named "Fireman of the Year".

A number of fire hall members congratulated Scott, also known as "Iceman", after he collected his plaque from the Deputy Chief.

Scott is thrilled to have been recognized for his contributions to the fire department. In addition to responding to emergency calls and his role as recording secretary, this year Scott and his U.K. business partner, redesigned the fire department website, which they also host. In August, Scott helped submit a $12,500 grant proposal to equip the hall's new fitness room. In December, Scott spearheaded efforts to allow hall members a voice in the selection committee, which appoints the Fire Department's Chief Officers.

We asked Scott how he came to be called "Iceman".

He laughed and said, "When we got our locker name plates, mine was misspelled as Kilmer. The guys started calling me 'Val' or 'Iceman' after the role played by Val Kimler in the movie Top Gun. At one point, I cut it up and re-arranged the letters, but then the guys started monkeying with it. At various times it read Kiler, Kimer or just plain Kim. When the department didn't issue me a new name plate, I took matters into my own hands and had a new one made, which solidified my nickname, as my locker now sports the only nickname in the hall - "Iceman"!

"I think I might have sparked a trend," he said, "as the officers are now talking about posting nicknames, in addition to firefighter's real names, above the lockers.

Congratulations, Scott!


Randsco Campus - Chief Editor of the Randsco rag, Scott Kimler, addressed a throng of reporters, all gathered to learn about Randsco's latest invention.

"The details in your media kits," explained Scott, "but let me provide some background."

"As many of you are aware, the Internet is killing the traditional print media business. Magazines, newspapers and other such companies are dying, as online magazines, blogs and other resources are booming."

A chorus of agreement was heard within the assembled crowd.

"We have over 10 years of blogging experience, since before the term blog was part of our modern lexicon. All along, we've noticed that most blogs are boring, presenting all content from within a single design platform. Recently, some bloggers are breaking this trend by publishing uniquely designed content with every post. They're calling these blogs blogazines.

Blogazines, while beautiful, are infrequently updated, contain only individually-styled content and require that "normal" content be hosted from a separate blog. Randsco is the first online blog to introduce a blend of individual and templated styling, along with magazine and "normal" content. The front page appears to be a single template, but the full article presents uniquely-styled content.

"We call this new type of post an ArtiZine, which is derived from combining the word article and magazine - because the whole blog is not magazine-like, only certain articles."

One reporter asked, "How is someone supposed to tell regular articles from artizines?"

Scott said, "Lead articles will soon contain a graphic label and a sortable ArtiZine category. Anyone will be able to quickly find all the ArtiZines on Randsco."

"While they are fun to author," said Scott, "artizines do involve non-trivial styling, graphics and layout efforts. Because of this, not every article we publish will be an artizine, but that's the whole point. While it's more challenging than either a blog or a blogazine, it is a more realistic method of holding all published content under one roof.

Example Arti-zine Articles on Randsco

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