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Pink Tassels

April 12th, 2007  · stk

Do you remember your first bike? Alex got her first bicycle on her half birthday! A "Pink Cupcake", complete with tassles. Boy was she excited!!

The Oop Gets Her First Bicycle

Alex met the neighbor kids, shortly after we moved in. They have three children, all older than Alex (7, 9 and 13 years of age, I think). Two are boys and a the oldest is a girl named Sydney. All ride bicycles.

One day, early this spring, the Oop was out playing next door. She comes running back into our yard and says, "Daddy, them is going on their bicycles. I need mine. Where is it?"

When I tried to explain that she didn't have a bicycle (because she was too small to ride one), she burst into tears. I felt horrible and the poor Oop felt left out, because she didn't have a bicycle (apparently the ability to ride a bike isn't nearly as important as possessing one, when you're three and a half).

"We'll have to get you one for your next birthday," I said, hoping to mollify her distress.

"Yeah," she said, taking big gulps of air and gradually calming down, while I held her close.

I relayed the story to Rachel.

Maybe I should have been more specific about which birthday I meant?

Continue on with "The Oop Gets a Bike" ...

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Updated: 7-May-2007
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A Taller Oop

April 4th, 2007  · stk

Alex turned three and a half, yesterday! We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday, by sharing a few recent photos. Happy half-birthday Oop!

"Girl of Style" turns Three and a Half

Yesterday, the Oop celebrated her half-birthday. She's now a "big girl".

We certainly agree that she's bigger! She's grown an awful lot in the last six months and the proof is in the measuring. Yesterday, we hung her height chart and measured her. She's grown a full two inches since July and is now a whopping 39 inches (99 centimeters) tall. :D

We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday by sharing some recent photos. (next page)


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Winter's Last Gasp?

March 10th, 2007  · stk

After cycling in the sunshine last week, the weather Gods decided to spit out the last bit of winter and we got SNOW! We're wondering (hoping?) that it'll be the last of our winter fun this year. (We built a snowman) ... check it out

The Old Man Spits Some White Stuff

The day after we went cycling last week, in the sunshine, it snowed.

It started as little balls of white stuff which bounced off of the car, stuck to the leaves and it didn't look like it would stay around. But the temperature dropped and the small balls turned to big fluffy flakes and soon it was practically a white-out. I began to wonder if Rachel was going to have a difficult time driving home from the hospital, in the snow.

It snowed all afternoon and through into the night. By morning, everything was covered in a layer of white.

The temperatures hovered around freezing, all day, but the sun came out around noon and snow was rapidly melting off of the trees.

"Let's go sledding!" said the Oop, eager for an adrenaline fix.

"We can't go sledding Oop," I said.

"Why?" she asked (a very common question, I might add).

"Because the snow's not deep enough," I said, "You've got to have more snow than this to go sledding. See the patches of ground through the snow?"

"Yes," she said.

"Well, that means the snow's too thin for sledding."

"But I want to go sledding," she whimpered and the tears began to well up.

(Disappointment for a three-year-old can be very traumatic indeed).

Continue for more about "The Building of the No-Man" ....

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Updated: 19-Mar-2007
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Christmas Photo Gallery

February 21st, 2007  · stk

Have a look at my first pass attempt to find a pure-CSS photo gallery that be displayed with in-line text. Display as many images as you want to impose on your visitors! Demonstration uses family photos from Christmas photos

First-pass at a Pure-CSS PZ3 Photo Gallery

pz3 photo gallery

Around Christmas, I had an idea for a way to display a multitude of images in a pure-CSS photo-zoom gallery, utilizing Photo-caption Zoom v3 (PZ3).

Many people like PZ3, but some try to use it to build a photo gallery. I designed it to add zoomed images (and an optional caption), into XHTML pages. While it works great - is easy to deploy, saves page real-estate, looks nice - it doesn't handle multitudes of images very well (at least, not "out of the box").

Until now.

I've finally taken the time to play with it a bit (it took most of yesterday morning to hack through the details ... and then most of the afternoon and night to put it all together into a demonstration). :D

If you're into CSS, like PZ3 ... or want to see 40+ family Christmas photos ... read on! (Dial-up visitors beware ... image data ahead!)

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Updated: 25-Nov-2008
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Oop Goes Dental

February 19th, 2007  · stk

Alex's first dentist visit, although not nearly as soon as recommended, was a huge success (she's not afraid of the man in white, as much as her Dad) first dentist visit

Alexandra's First Dentist Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Alex made her first trip to the dental office. Perhaps it should have come sooner, but at 3 and a quarter years of age, we felt that the time was "right" to introduce Alex to a dental pick. (Mostly, it's because, for the first time since Alex was born, we have family dental coverage).

Alex made the 12-minute car ride to Cedar, the closest town, in relative silence. She wasn't sure what to expect, being her first time and all, but she did know where she was going.

Rachel took her. So this is a third-hand story ... hearsay, I think, is the legal reference to the quality of such news! (Still, I expect that Rachel will correct any bits I get wrong.) ;)

To hear the story from a comfortable distance ... read on!

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Updated: 21-Feb-2007
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