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PCT Slideshow

August 8th, 2004  · stk

Two years after we hiked 2,560-miles from Mexico to Canada along the PCT, Scott finalized the online slide show. We have added LOTS of new photos and they've all been modified to show at a higher resolution. Click HERE to see pictures and information about our 5-month long wilderness adventure. It was the experience of a lifetime!

Note: Our slide show is currently a Java applet, so make certain that you have the latest version of Java and that you have javascripting turned on in your browser.

(Scott has been motivated by Tom & Sheila, who've almost finished hiking the length of California. They're headed to Seiad Valley this week). We've been reading their online journal, which brings back memories of our 5-month-long hike. Just the motivation to get that slide show finished!

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Weather Button

July 5th, 2004  · stk

I've updated the weather button on our web page, using a new Edmonton-specific service. Temps are reported in degrees Celsius, which may throw off some U.S. readers. Scott thought about putting up a conversion table, but decided against it because he didn't know where to start: -50 degrees ? or -40 degrees ? It's just too depressing.

An example of the new button is on the left.

Scott finally DID put together a temperature scale. He made is very simple, so everyone (especially those relatives in Arizona) should be able to figure out just how miserable we'll be, come December.

Scott's Edmonton Temperature Scale

  • < -20°C = DAMN COLD!
  • -20°C to -10°C = COLD
  • -10° to 0°C = BALMY
  • 0° to +10°C = SHORTS WEATHER
  • > +10° = HOT

We're on the prairies now! We've been here approximately 3 weeks and we've already had two major storms. Those babies roll in fast and are accompanied by flashes of light and loud rolling boomers! The drops are big and we've even had a bit of hail. And when it pours ... it POURS! (Both times, Scott has been in the middle of barbecuing dinner and gotten soaked!) This ain't no Vancouver drizzle!

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