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The Beast

August 25th, 2007  · stk

We just bought a 1993 Ford F-250 4x4 pickup truck. Read all about it and how we've made a deal to get unlimited amount of gasoline, in exchange for the first 20 years of Alex's earnings (once she's graduated from medical school)!

 1993 Ford F250 4x4

Our boat towing and material hauling problems have been solved. Unfortunately, the solution comes with two problems (which sound like one problem) - a huge appetite for gasoline.

We're now the proud owners of a brand-new-to-us, 1993 Ford F-250 Super-cab 4x4 pickup truck!

In order to spare front-page readers the agony of reading about how excited we are to buy a 12-year old behemoth of a truck and gush about it, as if we'd just driven it off the car lot, in brand new condition ... we require you to hit 'read full story' to carry on. Mind you ... those brave souls who do that, will be rewarded with BIG PICTURES of the big beast!

More about "The F-250 Beast"

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Maiden Voyage

August 10th, 2007  · stk

We plunked the double-hulled, aluminum shrimping boat "Pugwis" into Vancouver Island waters for the first time. Read about her maiden voyage and why we were dejected, when we pulled the boat out of the water

Pugwis Hits the Water

After a few months in the boat yard, "Pugwis", was nearly ready for a dip in the ocean. Scott still had to re-wire the trailer, clean the deck and then the boat was ready for her maiden voyage. Unfortunately, we discovered that the boat was laden with nearly 340 pounds of water and had to find a way to drain her.

Finally, "Pugwis" was lighter, her trailer wired and ready to go. Last week, the Gods were with us as both weather and our busy work schedules converged, allowing us to take "Pugwis" down to the public boat ramp at the Ladysmith harbor. With nervous excitement, we hitched the boat to our minivan and headed south, along Yellow Point Road.

To read about the maiden voyage of "Pugwis" the boat and why we're now calling her, "Pug the Lug" ... carry on.

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Happier House

July 26th, 2007  · stk

The "Happy House" (Alex's play house) is looking a bit happier, these days, as we've started to pull it back from the brink of destruction. A progress report on "The Happy House Project".

A "Happy House" Project Update

Alex's derelict, 2-story play house, which was nicknamed "The Happy House" by previous Hutton House owners, is in serious need of attention.

It must be 20 years old (or more). The three Hutton kids - 2 boys and a girl - played in it while they were growing up. At least, that's who it was built for. Who knows how old they were when it was built? All I know is that they're now in their late 20's and early 30's. Our plan has always been to fix it up so that the Oop can play in it, letting her imagination take her to far away places, have countless tea parties with imaginary dignitaries and maybe even a sleep-over or two.

Before then, however, there's much work to be done.

Read more about "The Happy House" project ...


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NCFD Open House

July 1st, 2007  · stk

On the day before Canada Day, the North Cedar Fire Department held it's annual "Open House" event. This year, Scott was there to help out and witness the festivities. Door prizes, demonstrations, hot dogs, cold drinks, balloons, a chance to shoot off a fire hose ... what self-respecting kid (ahem adult?) wouldn't jump at the chance to hang out at the hall for a day? Both Scott and the Oop had a blast!

Happy Canada Day!

The North Cedar Fire Department opened its doors to the public, yesterday, from 10 AM till 3 PM. It was a family and community-oriented event, building goodwill and letting folks see what goes on at the relatively new (opened early 2006) fire hall.

There were plenty of activities, including: a Boot Drive (proceeds donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association), barbecued hot dogs with cold drinks, an inflatable 'bouncy' castle, auto extrication demonstrations, fire-extinguisher demonstration, shooting water from an inch and a half spray nozzle, historical displays, climbing aboard the fire engines, free balloons and general exploration of the hall.

Scott was there, all day, talking with folks and manning the Muscular Dystrophy donations table. Rachel, who had worked the night shift at the hospital, the night before, got up early and brought the Oop down mid-afternoon. Alex "drove" the big fire engine, shot water at a target with Dad, bounced in the blow-up castle and stuffed her face with a hot dog. She had a great time.

For more photos ... continue ...


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Intuit Canada

April 19th, 2007  · stk

We give Intuit Canada (makers of the QuickTax software we used to do our taxes this year) a thumbs up for standing behind their web site errors. Read about our taxation frustration

intuit canada thumbs up

Kudos to Intuit Canada for exceeding our customer service expectations when we questioned them about pricing and licensing contradictions regarding their 2006 QuickTaxWeb software.

Filing taxes isn't in most people's list of 'fun things to do'. Ours either. In Canada, taxes are due at the end of April and like most people, we procrastinate. We finally caved in and spent the better part of the afternoon, yesterday, muddling through our complicated Canadian taxes (foreign income, household moving expenses, capital gains, tuition, child care credits, sole-proprietorship ... yuck)! When did our lives become so complicated? (Answer: When we each married a foreigner!) :p

This year, we used the online version of the popular QuickTax software, thinking that it was less expensive than a boxed version. Imagine our surprise and frustration when it came time to print our final tax forms and the bill was more than double what we were expecting!

Find out why reading the license agreement is a good thing or (how being anal saved us money) ...

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