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Winter's Last Gasp?

March 10th, 2007  · stk

After cycling in the sunshine last week, the weather Gods decided to spit out the last bit of winter and we got SNOW! We're wondering (hoping?) that it'll be the last of our winter fun this year. (We built a snowman) ... check it out

The Old Man Spits Some White Stuff

The day after we went cycling last week, in the sunshine, it snowed.

It started as little balls of white stuff which bounced off of the car, stuck to the leaves and it didn't look like it would stay around. But the temperature dropped and the small balls turned to big fluffy flakes and soon it was practically a white-out. I began to wonder if Rachel was going to have a difficult time driving home from the hospital, in the snow.

It snowed all afternoon and through into the night. By morning, everything was covered in a layer of white.

The temperatures hovered around freezing, all day, but the sun came out around noon and snow was rapidly melting off of the trees.

"Let's go sledding!" said the Oop, eager for an adrenaline fix.

"We can't go sledding Oop," I said.

"Why?" she asked (a very common question, I might add).

"Because the snow's not deep enough," I said, "You've got to have more snow than this to go sledding. See the patches of ground through the snow?"

"Yes," she said.

"Well, that means the snow's too thin for sledding."

"But I want to go sledding," she whimpered and the tears began to well up.

(Disappointment for a three-year-old can be very traumatic indeed).

Continue for more about "The Building of the No-Man" ....

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Phone Hell

February 14th, 2007  · stk

Speaking to a live person at a company is extremely difficult in today's world. A typical start to a typically poor customer service inquiry with a Canadian credit card company is examined

Customer Service: A Way-off Broadway Production

Scene 1: (Split set) (1) A customer care centre, for a credit card company, somewhere in Ontario, Canada. (2) The office of a valued customer.

The curtain opens with the valued customer being welcomed by a humming, computer driven phone system. (There is only one actual person in the opening scene, which will save the credit card company oodles of money - and also actor fees, when the film rights are purchased).

phone system: "Welcome to RBC's credit card services (again in French), for English, press one, (french press two)."

valued customer: *presses one*

phone system: "Please choose one of the following five options"

valued customer: *listens to extremely long list of options, none of which seem to apply, so chooses the last one, which is a catch-all*

phone system: "Please enter your 16-digit credit card number, now."

valued customer: *says* ... "Damn, where's my wallet?" :|

valued customer: *says* "hmm ... I have to find my wallet" *hangs up* (exit stage left, sounds of frantic search ensues)

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All That Junk

January 27th, 2007  · stk

What do you find when you rake your lawn? We found a golf ball, tool handles, bicycle chain, bolts, hinges, nails, volleyball net ... among other things ....

Raking the Lawn

Spring is definitely in the air (along with the remnants of winter: rain and - quite possibly - more snow), so I don't want to get my hopes too high. Still, there's been a palpable change in the atmosphere and we're not talking flatulence here! The days are discernibly longer, the sun has even shown its face. It may be that we set a record and it will be sunny for days in a row! Plants are even beginning to show their buds. Wow!

Yep, spring is right around the corner.

To celebrate and prepare, we have been raking the lawn, getting it ready for imminent sunshine, verdant growth and the pitter patter of tiny feet. Much of it has been raked before, but we had yet to tackle the "west lawn". (Whoa, that sounds a lot more regal than I intended - like the lawn of a certain government building on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, eh?) Mind you, our "west lawn" isn't an actual lawn. That's more a generous euphemism for the area that might be better described as: "the west glade". (Although less regal, that doesn't sound too bad either.) What I'm trying to say, is that the lawn doesn't actually have much GRASS in it.

To read more ... hit "Read Full Story" (it's pretty obvious). ;)

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January 22nd, 2007  · stk

"Pugwis" is the name of the 18-foot, 'Fraser Raider', double-hulled aluminum ocean-worthy boat that's now sitting in our front yard. It may be ugly, but it's a bloody tank! Come round for a peek at the newest addition to the family ...

The New Yard Ornament

Maternal grandparents visited Alex recently, bringing something with them - a boat named "Pugwis". "Pug-the-Tug" is an 18-foot Fraser Raider, built in the early 80's. It's a double-hulled, welded aluminum, shallow-veed 'landing craft'. It's substantially more sturdy than it is aesthetically pleasing.

Originally used as a work boat for hauling supplies and equipment to the 40-acre family property and cabin on the east-facing shore of Indian Arm, it's been some time since it's seen service. With rising moorage costs, it was relocated to dry storage, but with rising Vancouver-area land prices, even this was becoming expensive.

During the evening in which "Pugwis" arrived, we were treated to an oral history of the steadfast aluminum craft and the beauty of the property (which I've not yet visited). Lubricated with vintage grape nectar, we learned that the original name was going to be "Modnoc", a basackwards name that describes perfectly, a vessel which holds sea-fairing chaps. ;)

For more information and pictures about "Pugwis", read on ...

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#@% Pins!

December 10th, 2006  · stk

Our unpacking has become unhinged by lack of shelving pins. Read Scott's Dr.Suess-like poem & story about our latest debacle ...

Where for Art Thou, Pins?

We have looked high.
We have looked low.
We're left to wonder, "Where did those pins go?"

Did we pack them in a box?
Did we pack them in a bag?
Are they hidden, beneath that rag?

Are they upstairs?
Are they down?
"We looked EVERYWHERE," we say with a frown.

We won't let pins stop us!
We say, "Let's buy more!"
So off we go, to the store.
(Bloody 35 kilometers away.)

We buy new pins.
We think we're wise.
"Oh no!" - they're the wrong size!

Our quest for pins, continues still.
The unpacking is on hold.
Looking for pins is getting old.

- by Dad (who's had a tad too many Dr. Suess books on his reading list lately).


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