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Summer Holiday Intermission

August 6th, 2005  · stk

It's been one month since we posted. I can laugh at myself, because I had every intention of making entries, while we were away on summer holidays, but it didn't happen.

It's a bit like taking books home on Christmas holidays. You think that you'll study, but you soon find yourself back at University in January and not one book has been opened ... even though you've lugged them back and forth!

The month-long hiatus involved mostly visits with friends and family. The itinerary:

• 13-hour night drive from Edmonton to Vancouver.

• 2-day visit with grandparents (maternal).

• 3-hour drive to Seattle.

• Overnight visit with the Easthouse family.

• Overnight visit with Dave & Karen (also in Seattle).

• 10-hour night drive to California (Red Bluff).

• 2-day visit with grandparents (paternal)

• 4-hour drive to Santa Rosa.

• Overnight visit with PCT friends Tom & Sheila.

• 4-hour drive back to Red Bluff.

• 5-day visit with grandparents & an overnight family reunion with the Krezek family.

• 10-hour night drive to Seattle.

• Daytime visit with the Easthouse family.

• 3-hour drive to Vancouver.

• 5-day visit with grandparents & a wedding ceremony (Michelle & Bruce), where Rachel was the maid of honour.

• Leave Alex with Gran & Grandpa (first time away from mom & dad) and take the ferry to Vancouver Island to scout out real estate.

• Back to Vancouver and then a 13-hour night drive, back to Edmonton,

Whew ... that's a lot of driving!

Alex had lots of fun and did a bunch of new things. (We'll post about it, as time permits.)

To everyone we visited we say, "Thanks for your hospitality! It was great to see you."

We were crazy to visit California in the summertime, though (they were having a heat wave and temperatures were above 100°F every day. The day we left, it was 113°F. Edmonton, in comparison, was in the 80's during most of this time).

We're now back home for a couple of weeks, but off again on the 14th, before the University Fall Term begins (and winter comes)! The plan: a self-supported cycle-touring adventure around Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks.

Stay tuned!

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tom & sheila

October 5th, 2004  · stk

Summer is over, school has started & many are thinking about Holloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas (how many shopping days left?) NOT Tom & Sheila! This dynamic duo, who started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, leaving from the Mexican border on April 12th, are setting their sights on the Canadian border as I write this. That's correct, they're still hiking! We just received an email from them, saying that they've made it to Steven's Pass, in northern Washington. (Fortunately, they passed Mt. St. Helens without difficulty, but they did run into a blinding snowstorm in the Goat Rock Wilderness. Get this - they were hiking at 11 PM, with head lamps on, struggling through the whiteout, on very dangerous terrain. They were miserable and wet for nearly a week, but they're toughing it out and still on the trail. They're expecting to make Canada between the 15th & 17th of this month. That's a LONG HIKE!

For more information, you can read their journal(no longer online) by clicking on the link.

We're rooting for you, guys and wish like hell that we could be there at the border to meet and help you celebrate (but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen with Rachel in school).

Jan 2005 EDIT: Tom & Sheila DID make it all the way to Manning Park, right when they said they would (October 16th). Though poor weather plagued them, they perservered through the rain and fog. Congratulations guys!!

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First Visitors

July 5th, 2004  · stk

We're very happy to have so much extra space in our rented home! We were able to set up a guest bedroom in the basement, without too much of a problem. Rachel's friend, Michelle, along with her new beau, came up for a visit just after the U.S. 4th of July weekend. They stayed with us two nights and we had a great time. (They were planning on attending the Calgary stampede, so they took a 3-hour detour and swung up to see us).

Having visitors so soon after we moved was nice. It gave us impetus to get things sorted out quickly AND it meant that we could put 'unpacking' on the shelf, for a couple of days, while they were here. We barbequed a great steak dinner, drank some wine, played games, talked a lot and took them to nearby Rundle Park, for a picnic lunch. The weather was great and everyone had a grand time. Especially Alex, who already likes Michelle a lot and found a new playmate - Bruce!

Alex was living 'high on the hog' because she got all sorts of extra attention! They took her along while they ran errands, giving mom and dad the opportunity to go for another bike ride. (This time, we following the North Saskatchewan River Parkway in the other direction. Can you believe that we saw a red fox and a deer on our ride?

They left just this morning and we were sorry to see them go. We hope you come back soon!

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