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Cashing In Your Blog

February 4th, 2006  · stk

Want to sell your blog? The first step is to determine its value. This is where Dane Carlson can help. We present his applet, which helps determine price based on the AOL-Weblogs Oct-2005 sale. You might be surprised. (Of course, finding a buyer is another matter)...

Our Blog Selling Price: Ten Thousand Dollars


Last October, AOL announced they were buying Weblogs Inc. The deal was estimated to be valued at approximately $25 million dollars. (Launched in 2004, Weblogs operates 85 different blogging sites, covering a wide range of topics.)

As one of the first blog acquisitions, the AOL-Weblogs deal can be used to put a price tag on your own blog. In an analysis by Tristan Louis, he used Technorati site numbers for each blog at Weblogs, and computed a link-weighted value on each. Taking it one step further, he came up with a rough estimate for what AOL paid for each Weblog external link ($564.65).

Then, Dane Carlson came up with a blog-valuation calculator, based on Tristans' work.

According to the calculator, our own blog is worth $10,161.72! 88|

Two Quick Thoughts:

  1. See Dad? Our blog is an INVESTMENT.
  2. Perhaps we should SELL?

LOL ... Finding a buyer might prove tough.

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Updated: 22-Feb-2006
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Automated SPAM - Meet thy Enemy

December 17th, 2005  · stk

Your blog is your blog and you want people to comment on your posts, because you want to know what people think of your thoughts, meet new people, see familiar names and have guests add value.

Then along comes some schmuck who leaves a trackback or comment SPAM full of meaningless gobbleygook and you feel violated. What's worse ... it just keeps coming and coming.

Yes, there are methods to deter automated trackback SPAM and comment SPAM and I've even outlined some easy and effective methods on this blog. I've been fortunate, as we've never been hit with automated SPAM - knock on wood.

However, I set up a default b2evo site (Amsterdam version) in June, then went on vacation and didn't open it again for 2 months. By the time I did, it had over 10,000 referral SPAM records and nearly 5,000 automated comments/trackbacks. 88|

Who uses automated SPAMming programs ... and Why?

Sometimes it's good to know the enemy ... so I went on a little google foray today. First ... keywords to find such folks seem to be revolved around "ranking" and "marketing" ... and searches led me to a few interesting sites (I masked the URL's to prevent giving them more of what they want - ranking and marketing).

If you're interested in scratching the ugly underbelly of internet marketing ... read on (it's a short story ;) ) ...

Read full story...

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Updated: 17-Dec-2005
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Site Feature - Clustr Maps

November 16th, 2005  · stk

I've been looking for a way to represent the geographical, world-wide diversity of our readership. I believe that "ClustrMaps" (a unique service that graphically shows (on differenct scaled maps) the world-wide distribution of our readers) might be the solution ....

World-wide Visitor Count & GIS Mapping

Visitor Locations Around the World

Ever since I began tracking online users using an IP address database, I've been looking for a way to represent the geographical, world-wide diversity of our readers. I believe I've found it!

"ClustrMaps®" is a unique online service that tracks website visitors and displays their geographic distribution on various scaled maps. The maps are updated daily and for users with less than 1,000 visits per day, the service is free. An upgrade (costing less than $1/month) offers greater storage, zoomable continent maps & is ad-free.

Check it out by hovering your mouse over the globe in the "Site Tools" area. Doing this will bring up a thumbnail image of a world map (like the image above). At a glance, you can see our current visitor distribution. This thumbnail is DYNAMIC, as it is updated every day (about 4AM GMT). Click on it for a larger detailed map, served from the clustrmaps site. Then, drill down by clicking on a continent and get an even more accurate assessment of visitor distribution.

We are thrilled to have found a way to help show Alex, our daughter, about our interconnected World! We think that this is an innovative service. Perhaps it is something that you would like to add to your site? Thanks ClustrMaps!

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Updated: 26-Feb-2006
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Are You Serving XHTML with the Wrong MIME Type?

November 10th, 2005  · stk

20-Feb-2006 UPDATE: Code modifications strengthen the PHP script.

We've had our b2evolution blog for just under a year. One of the reasons we picked b2evolution, was because it was written to XHTML standards. Like many b2evolution "skins", ours has a W3C validation button, which boasts of our XHTML compliance. Great!

So I was, stretching my technological legs and validating to the XHTML 1.0 (Strict) standard. Then, six months later, I realize there's a newer version (XHTML 1.1). What? To keep up with the technological Jone's, I begin validating to THAT. However (I find out, a few months later) that THIS WHOLE TIME - despite my learning XHTML, careful coding and validation frustration - our pages are being served as PLAIN OLD HTML!

Plain old HTML?

Pace Picante sauce aside, this causes me to pause. What am I doing wrong? I'm validating against the the XHTML 1.1 standard (it says so when I hit the W3C validation button). I've got the XHTML 1.1 DocType statement. I've even have a Meta tag that SAYS the "Content-Type" is "application/xhtml+xml". I should be all set, right? Wrong.

In a totally twisted plot that involves the Pope, GWB & a hoard of marauding Vikings, I discover that I'm not alone. MOST PEOPLE using XHTML serve their pages the same way ... as plain old HTML.

To find out why and to find out how to serve your pages as true XHTML ... read on.

Read full story...

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Updated: 4-Mar-2006
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Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer

October 11th, 2005  · stk

One of the appeals of FireFox (Mozilla), has been the capability of "tabbed browsing". This means that only one WINDOW is needed to view multiple websites, allowing the capability to switch between sites by clicking the appropriate TAB.

The same capability is now available for MSIE v6.x. However, the capability isn't available in MSIE v6.x directly. Instead, it's available in an add-on tool called MSN Search Toolbar.

I'd rather see MicroSoft add tabbed browsing directly into Internet Explorer, but there ARE some other very nice tools in the MSN Search Toolbar that make it useful (Hint: I was already using it BEFORE they added the tabbed browsing capability).

1) MSN Search Toolbar allows one to search QUICKLY for files on your own computer. It's MUCH faster and robust than the default search tool that ships with the XP O/S. (One can also search the Internet from the same search window AND specify which search engine is used, but I've been searching from the address bar for some time and don't use that capability).

2) MSN Search Toolbar has a form-fill tool that allows one to keep credit card information, shipping addresses and website usernames/passwords in an encrypted, password-protected, local file. (I use this feature A LOT and with the myriad accounts I have scattered around the Internet, have come to depend upon this feature).

3) The toolbar has a nifty "search and highlight" capability that not only searches for words on an Internet page, not only highlights those words, but also has a page preview that shows (at a glance) WHERE on the page, each search word was found. (In a very long HTML page, this is an invaluable tool).

It also comes with other tools, as well, but these are the ones I use on a regular basis and make using the tool beneficial in their own right.

Note: I'm not married to IE, as I use FireFox as well. The Web Developer extension on FireFox is unique and of utmost importance for editing CSS files in a real-time sense. I recommend you have both browsers loaded on your computer. (Reason: When a site fails to work in one, or when a browser becomes corrupted, you have a backup browser that - more likely than not - will work. This saves both time AND frustration.)

The Tabbed Browsing Experience

The MSN Tabbed Browsing experience is perfect. There are some limitations, compared with the Mozilla version.

• If you maximize the screen, you LOSE the capability to switch sites using the tabs. They simply disappear off the maximized screen and the only site that's maximized, is whatever tab site was active. (Dumb).

• If you close the tabbed window using the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the window, the window will ungracefully close ALL your tabs AND the window, without some kind of warning like: "Do you really want to close all your tabs in this window?" Be careful!

Other than these two shortcomings, the MSN Toolbar tabbed browsing is a move in the right direction for MicroSoft.

If you often have several sites open at one time, you can open all those into a tabs and then SAVE the tab configuration, so that all you have to do is click one button and all those sites will be accessed and tabbed into one window. Sweet!

If you're new to tabbed browsing, or like FireFox because of the tabbed browsing, you might want to download the MSN Search Toolbar and add it to your copy of IE's browser.

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Updated: 26-Feb-2006
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