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Spank a Bank, Pass Go, Collect $200

November 8th, 2005  · stk

I ran into a problem with an electronic bill payment to my MasterCard Company. I had to "spank" my Internet bank, but in the end, I *think* I might have been paid $761.24 to do it!


I detest banks. In the early 90's, my local branch bank in California announced that they would charge a fee for returning my canceled checks. A fee here, a fee there ... I was tired of it and said, "No Way". Not only did I switch banks, but I put as much distance between me and my local branch as I could - by signing up with an Internet Bank somewhere on the East Coast. I have been Internet Banking, more or less happily, for over 10 years.

Some of the Internet banking advantages:

• Never having to stand in a line.

• Earning a good rate on my checking account.

• Using any ATM machine I want ($6/month credit for foreign ATM fees)

• Written correspondence, via email, for any help I need.

• Unlimited bill payment via "ePay" (no more postage stamps)

To read about my snafu & how I *might* have been paid $761.24 to deal with it .... read on ...

Read full story...

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Updated: 26-Feb-2006
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GoodCo - OshKosh B'Gosh

September 14th, 2005  · stk

When it comes to infant and toddler clothing, we consider OshKosh & Baby Gap "top shelf". We were disappointed, however, when we received two OshKosh bib overalls as gifts for Alex and the snaps, on both sets, kept coming open. The material was rugged, but the snaps were wimpy. The bibs were tossed into the closet, nearly new, because of the snap failures.

Alex outgrew the two OshKosh outfits, but we were still pertubed, "Gran and Grandpa paid premium dollar for these two outfits and Alex has hardly worn them."

Rachel finally called OshKosh, explaining the story of the wimpy snaps and our disappointment.

To her surprise, the representative she spoke with said, "Yes, we've been having problems with some batches of snaps during manufacturing. Please send the articles back to us and we'll reimburse you the cost."

The really nice thing - they offered to reimburse us for the cost of postage. How nice!

Today, we received a reimbursement check in the mail, along with a letter:

Thank you for sending your daughter's overalls to us. We're sorry you've had a problem, but we appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Enclosed, please find a check reimbursing you for the overalls, along with the postage to send your package to us. We hope that you'll be able to find another OshKosh item that your child will enjoy.

It is important to OshKosh B'Gosh to maintain our reputation for quality products and superior customer service and while problems do sometimes occur, we have not intention of risking the loss of consumer confidence. Please be assured that youre concerns have been shared with our merchandising and product developement departemnts.

Based on our positive customer service experience, we look forward to Alex trying another outfit from OshKosh B'Gosh clothing. We know that if we're not happy with it, that OshKosh will stand behind their products. That's a nice, good, old-fashioned approach that we like.

Kudos OshKosh! We thank you and recommend your products.

Note: OshKosh (in business since 1896) was acquired by Carter's in July, 2005. We hope that Carter's maintains the outstanding level of customer service in their new OshKosh "division".

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Updated: 26-Feb-2006
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The "GoodCo-BadCo" Category

September 14th, 2005  · stk

What's it for?

We're consumers. We need things for life, so we purchase them. Food, clothing, and shelter are tops on the list, but we need other things too. So, we interact with companies that sell these products. Most of the time, the transaction goes smoothly. It meets our expectations and we go along with our lives.

Every once in a while, we encounter an outstanding positive experience. One that brightens our day and reinforces our faith in humanity. Of course, not all transactions go like they should and there are some negative experiences as well. These might really frustrate us or anger us, because they just don't seem "right".

This category is a way for us to pat some companies on the back and say, "Hey ... this company is a great company. Here is our experience. We recommend that you consider their products or services."

Likewise, the category also gives us a way to expose the bad companies and say, "Hey ... this company is horrible. Look what they did to us. Can you believe it? Don't EVER buy from this outfit."

Good Companies - Bad Companies

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