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Move to Canada

October 27th, 2008  · stk

WARNING: Funny video about John McCain and Sarah Palin winning the U.S. Election in November. (A plan for disenfranchised liberal elite Americans - Move to Canada). Enjoy.

A Plan for America's Disenfranchised Liberal Elite

Hey, there's lots of reasons for Americans to move to Canada: cute girls, socialized medicine, high-octane beer, less crime, better economy, legalized medicinal marijuana, cheap medications --- now, thanks to the Canadian Government, there's a United-States-to-Canada moving plan!

It's called the "ELITE" Plan.

Rachel emailed me a copy of this very funny video that focuses on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election and asks the question, "What will American liberals do if McCain and Palin are elected and the U.S. votes in yet another Republican President?"

The answer ... "move to Canada"!

The video came from Slate. They're a general-interest web-zine, offering analysis and commentary about politics, news and culture. They've won numerous awards and are supported entirely by ad revenue (go visit the site and click on the ads, because some of their stuff is pretty good. WARNING: Can be a time-waster.)

To view the funny political video about Canada's invitation to America's disenfranchised liberal elites ... carry on.

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October 16th, 2008  · stk

Had your laugh today? Watch this 30-second television advertisement titled "GOTCHA" selling Wienerschitzel hot dogs. It's a riot! Enjoy!

World's Most Wanted Wiener

Every once in a while, an advertisement comes out that's really funny. This year, one of the best I've seen is for Wienerschnitzel, the world's largest hot dog chain. Their franchises are only found in the U.S. wienerschnitzel locations in the United States   (and one in Guam), so I haven't seen the advert aired on Canadian television, but my Uncle (who lives in Phoenix) and used to be in the advertising buisness, emailed it to me. (Thanks Pete!)

The ad company that's responsible for the funny, 30-second spot is DGWB Advertising, based in Orange County, California. They've been the ad agency for Wienerschnitzel since 1995 and originally created "The Delicious One" (the infamous hot dog 'on the run'). After a five years away from the television, the "The Delicious One" has returned, only this time, he's billed as the "World's Most Wanted Wiener".

The new ad campaign combines mature humor with sublime 3-dimensional animation and carries an edgy message. The goal is to capture interest in hungry, unconventional, fast-food-seeking 20-somethings ... (so called, "Generation Y").

DWGB Advertising (together with Duck Studios), put together four, thirty-second television adverts. The ads were designed to be somthing that generation "Y" could relate with, promoting the chain, boosting sales and getting a chuckle along the way. By far, the best of the four, is the one titled, "Gotcha!"

I think the advert will appeal to more than just Generation Y. To see a Flash video of the 30-second "Gotcha" Wienerschnitzel advertisement, click "Read Full Story" ...

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Updated: 6-Dec-2008
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Galling Gull

October 11th, 2007  · stk

Randsco goes to the birds! Yet another story about one of our fine feathered friends - only this time, it's a "fiend" not a "friend". Video footage of a shoplifting seagull caught stealing potato chips in Aberdeen.

A Fine-Feathered Fiend that Filches Food shoplifting seagull

shoplifting seagull

It would appear that Randsco is going to the birds, as this is our third post in a row about some type of fine feathered friend. The first was about our recently acquired baby chickens (which are doing well, by the way), the second about a really smart parrot named Alex and now this story about a comical seagull in Scotland who, over the course of the summer, has developed a penchant for potato chips (or "crisps" as they're called there).

 shoplifting seagull steals chips

The seagull began nicking bags of Doritos brand tortilla chips, from inside a local store in Aberdeen, Scotland, in July. The shop assistant reported that the gull had his stealing "down to a fine art. He waits until there are no customers around and I'm standing behind the till, then he raids the place."

The shoplifting seagull has been nabbing snack-sized, tangy cheese flavored Dorito brand tortilla chips. Once safely away from the store, the seagull rips open the bag to share with pigeons and other seagulls. Apparently, he always steals the same brand of crisps.

Customers have warmed to this fine-feathered fiend, often paying for the seagull's stolen loot ... (cause they think his stealing behavior is a hoot!) Locals have nicknamed him "Sam - the Shoplifting Seagull".

Makes me wonder though ... why do people pay for the stolen chips? Couldn't they just put it on his bill? :)) :roll:

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Updated: 12-Oct-2007
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Mac -vs- PC

March 20th, 2007  · stk

Mac vs. PC ... You've seen the Mac ads on television, where Mr. PC ends up looking like a goof? Well, here's an underground reversal that had me giggling. You'll find it funny too!

MacIntosh vs PC

You've seen those Macintosh ads on television, where there's a guy that represents a Mac computer and a guy that's supposed to be a PC? Clever, for sure! Well, here's a different spin on them and they're a tad in PC's favor! (An underground backlash, if you will).

 Bill Gates Steve Jobs

Interestingly enough, after finding these videos, I did a quick search for "Mac vs PC" on and what did I find as the number one entry? APPLE! But the funny part is that they list TEN reasons to get a Mac. (If you go to the site, they list SIXTEEN reasons. Can't they count? Not that more isn't better, but why say 10, when you supposedly have 16?) :p

Honestly, I'm not a die-hard PC fan. I've had my share of problems with Mr. PC and I'm not married to a brand. In fact, I nearly considered getting a Mac for my last purchase. OSX is cool. The ability to run UNIX and Windows. Sweet. But for some reason, Mac seems to hold their technology a tad too close to their chest, which is why I find this video so humorous.

I hope you do too!

More humor on the next page ...


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Updated: 16-Apr-2007
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Phone Hell

February 14th, 2007  · stk

Speaking to a live person at a company is extremely difficult in today's world. A typical start to a typically poor customer service inquiry with a Canadian credit card company is examined

Customer Service: A Way-off Broadway Production

Scene 1: (Split set) (1) A customer care centre, for a credit card company, somewhere in Ontario, Canada. (2) The office of a valued customer.

The curtain opens with the valued customer being welcomed by a humming, computer driven phone system. (There is only one actual person in the opening scene, which will save the credit card company oodles of money - and also actor fees, when the film rights are purchased).

phone system: "Welcome to RBC's credit card services (again in French), for English, press one, (french press two)."

valued customer: *presses one*

phone system: "Please choose one of the following five options"

valued customer: *listens to extremely long list of options, none of which seem to apply, so chooses the last one, which is a catch-all*

phone system: "Please enter your 16-digit credit card number, now."

valued customer: *says* ... "Damn, where's my wallet?" :|

valued customer: *says* "hmm ... I have to find my wallet" *hangs up* (exit stage left, sounds of frantic search ensues)

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Updated: 14-Feb-2007
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