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Island Caretaker Job

Island Caretaker Job

February 12th, 2009  · stk

Scott's Video Bloopers and Outtakes

One of Scott's mates at the volunteer fire hall, where Scott is a firefighter, was the director, cinematographer, producer and editor of Scott's "Island Caretaker" vidao application.

"That's one of the great things about the fire hall," says Scott, "Because it's an all-volunteer hall, we get guys there with a broad range of skills and experiences."

Lorne Kraft, who is a volunteer radio operator at the hall, mentioned that he had video experience, when Scott first told the guys he was putting in an application. One thing led to another and two weeks later, Lorne drove out to Scott's rural, 5-acre property, which is known as "The Hutton House". In a matter of a couple of hours, the film was 'in the can' and two days later, Lorne had edited it, added the graphics that Scott supplied and the background music (a jazzy piece from the late 50's, so copyright wouldn't be an issue).

Scott wrote the script, which was a total change-up from his original story-board and completely different than what Lorne had written.


The Day of Shooting

Scott was very nervous and apprehensive about the video. He's never had much experience in front of, or behind, the camera. The night before, he barely slept at all.

February in Yellow Point, British Columbia is usually a cold, rainy month, but the weather Gods were endorsing Scott's application with a blessing of a dry, warm(ish) day.

Scott planned an opening sitting by a campfire, providing an illusionn of a campground. The idea was to pan back, to show the house in the background, showing that we really do, live in the woods and that life here is like "camping every day".

Unfortunately, Lorne had a different idea and that was to get close to the lens, let the viewers actually see Scott, something he had noted that not many video submissions did well. So, a creative dispute was solved by a rousing arm wrestling match and - as strong as Scott is - Lorne won. In the end, it may have been for the best!

But, the bloody fire caused other problems (mostly smoke and ash), which you can see in the video.

Scott had memorized and rehearsed the lines for a couple of days, but still needed much prompting.

Lorne and Scott walked around the property, looking for various locations to shot. Took a gander at the chicken coop (which Scott built), into the pasture, where a deer wandered by, as if on cue and into the forest.

Scott wants Tourism Queensland to know that maintenance on the ocean-view home won't be a problem if he's hired.

"I've done loads of remodeling and handyman work," he claims, "So there's no worries about that multi-million dollar home. We'll keep it in good repair and save Tourism Queensland call-out and maintenance fees by doing the work ourselves!"

They finished up inside, at Scott's very untidy desk, showcasing Scott's website on one of the two LCD monitors. Then it was back outside, where Lorne took a few stills of the family and that was it.


Perhaps having been in drama club for four years in High School helped? Scott managed to cobble together several decent takes of his lines and Lorne put together something that actually exceeded Scott's expectations. (Thanks Lorne!)


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