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Island Caretaker Job

Island Caretaker Job

February 12th, 2009  · stk

Island Caretaker Video: Hidden Messages & Photo-Caption Zoom Demo

A 60-second video isn't enough time to cover a person's strengths, experience and expertise. When Scott came up with his first video storyboard, unbeknownst to him, it probably included at least three minutes of video material. His original plan was to splice together various action sequences, summarizing his (and Rachel's) various outdoor passions.

He began taping at the North Cedar Fire Hall, where he is an active firefighter and (level III) first-responder. He felt it was important to showcase his community involvement and helping nature. After shooting was over, he gained an appreciation for how long the final video might be and the number of locations and set-ups that would be required.

Ultimately, Scott chose instead, an interview style of video. But, to keep it less than 60 seconds, he still had to leave out some important bits.

He was insistent that this important material be included, somehow. He came up with a plan. He'd show that stuff (and a bit of humor) subliminally. Most people just didn't notice it. Did you?

Here's the hint - think "Photo-Caption Zoom". It was during the demonstration of Photo-caption Zoom, that a web page was shown. It wasn't just "ipsum lorem" text, it was that important information. Stuff Scott didn't want to leave out of the video.

While he may have satisfied his need to "include it", it's a bet Tourism Queensland will never spot it in the video. (Tourism Queensland has over 34,000 videos applications to view, they'll not be hitting the 'pause' button much. 'Fast-forward' maybe, but not 'pause'.)

So what's that page say? Have a look at the image above. The imporant bits:

  • Scott is a certified diver and strong swimmer (swam competitively)
  • Has a Master's degree in Geophysics from Penn State
  • Has worked and lived in Indonesia, Central America and Qatar
  • Accepted into the U.S. Air Force as a pilot (from civilian ranks)
  • Is an active firefighter and Level III First Responder

In addition, some people have emails saying, "It looked like the "Photo-Caption Zoom demo" was a video trick".

"I assure you it's not," said Scott, "It's a pure-CSS technique that I invented in 2005 and a mate of mine and I have refined, since then."

"If you don't believe me," he went on, "just see for yourself."

"Photo-caption Zoom works on any XHTML page," said Scott, "It's free to use on your personal blog or website, but there's a donation requirement for commercial usage."

"See the Randsco Copyright Policy for more information and a PayPal link," he added.

More information about Photo-Caption Zoom (version 3) can be found HERE


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