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Isagenix: Day 1

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Isagenix: Day 1

February 28th, 2012  · stk

My First Experience with Isagenix

When I woke up this morning, I knew the weather was going to be rough (speaking from a diet point of view). I wasn't disappointed. But it didn't start out too bad.

I normally don't eat breakfast, opting for a hot cup of coffee, instead. (Not the best way to start the day, but it's been my habit since I started walking with Alex down to the bus stop, ever since she started kindergarten. Nearly 4 years now.

Instead, this morning I broke into my Isagenix box, opened up the "30-Day Step-by-Step" guide and began on step one.

I mixed up one ounce of Ionix Supreme. It looked very odd in the glass of water and frankly, none too appealing. I've taken Metamucil before and it reminded me of that, only it was a weird purplish-black color. I drank it and to my surprise, it looked way worse than it tasted. I drank a glass of water too. The instructions say "purified" water, but since we pull our water out of a well 570 feet into the ground, I figure it's hard to "purifiy" it more.

I walked Alex down to the bus stop and when I returned, I had "breakfast". I opened one of my 4 IsaLean Shake canisters, measured out two scoops of vanilla-flavoured shake powder and plopped it into a drinking glass. I added cold water and stirred it with a spoon. (After, I regretted not using a blender, as it took a fair bit of stirring and still, the mixture wasn't consistently smooth). I drank it anyway. It tasted fine! And bonus ... I felt full! I also swallowed an AM packet of "Ageless essentials" (assume vitamens).

I had to laugh, because I'm normally pretty conscience about the quality of the food I put into my mouth (it's the quantity I have a problem with, eh?) and I still have no idea what all these products contain. I guess I'm placing a fair bit of faith that the Isogenix company has invested a lot of research money into this suite of dietary products and that, ultimately, they're all good for me!

The morning went by without too much issue. I had to remind myself to eat a "shake day support option" (1 Isagenix Snack), which I promptly dubbed a "Scooby snack". Wasn't bad tasting, but I was surprised it was a friable, dry pill and not something more "chewy".

Lunch came and ... yes ... I was hungry. I'd abandoned my normal 2-3 mugs of coffee (with a heaping spoonfull of sugar) ... plus any random fridge grazing. Since I work from home, lunch usually consists of warmed leftovers, hastily-made sandwich, odds'n-ends or - nothing. Today was a little different, as I had a client-meeting at a local restaurant (the Crow and Gate English Pub).

"Uh oh," I thought, "It's 'Day 1' and already I'm going to bust my diet."

I didn't though, opting for a (reasonable if you ask me) soup and sandwich. The soup was a Boston-style clam chowder and the sandwich a simple roast beef on wheat bread. Water to drink, of course.

When I returned from lunch, I continued on with my day and noticed that I was becoming increasingly hungry. I continued to drink water (can you say "blub, blub?" I popped another "Scooby snack" and began to miss the taste of real food. I would have really loved to have read the card, if it had said, "Eat a huge turkey dinner." Unfortunately, I knew the road ahead. I drank more water.

I forgot to take my "Natural Accelerator" in the afternoon.

Dinner came just after 6 PM and by then, I would normally have consumed a couple of beers. Without those empty calories, I was definitely hungry. My wife had a dinner meeting, so she fed Alex, while I continued to work on the computer upstairs. After they ate, I moseyed downstairs, fixed a chocolate shake (two scoops and used the blender this time). That went down quickly and tasted fine, but wasn't nice and crunchy like potato chips, nor did it satisfy me.

Well, that's not entirely true. For the next hour, I didn't feel hungry.

I also swallowed the PM packet of "Ageless Essentials" pills, along with the "Natural Accelerator" pill that I'd skipped in the afternoon.

I fielded a call from my "coach". He wanted to know how I was doing. I said I was hungry! He said he knew and asked me what I'd had for lunch. I said I went out to the Crow and Gate. He said, "Uh oh."

"No worries!" and I told him about having soup and sandwich, which he said was OKAY, but then I added, "Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have had those three beers though." (He didn't know if I was joking, but since it's a renown English-style pub, not out of the question!) LOL

So ... that's been my day. It's now 9 PM and - yes - I'm hungry!

I'm supposed to take 1-2 "IsaFlush" tablets. Not too excited about that, as it sounds like I'll be up all night ... flushing! I'll let you know how that works out ... in the morning.

Oh ... one problem I've noted with the Isagenix 30-day workflow so far (besides being hungry, which ... I guess ... isn't too surprising, considering it's meant for me to lose weight), is that the whole "eat a healthy Lunch" + "a shake for dinner", doesn't promote family togetherness. We normally eat our dinners as a family, which also involves sharing our days, talking and being a family. I doubt I'll be keen on sitting down to a shake, when the rest of the family is stuffing themselves with real, hot, delicious-smelling food! I *might* have to reverse the lunch/dinner part of the program and have a shake for breakfast AND lunch, reserving my "sensible 400-600 calories of real, tasty food" for dinner.

Well, that pretty much sums up my first day. I'm hoping it'll get a tad easier, as time goes by. (I'm sure all those people on the Survivor television show much go through this too - minus the shakes, Scooby snacks & flushing pills - when they're out there for their 20+ days? I know they crave food, but don't talk about it much. Hope the same happens to me!

What I didn't eat or drink today: 2 to 3 cups of coffee (with sugar); 4-6 beers (300-calories each); snacks watching television in the evening; over-sized portions of really good-tasting, mouth-watering, yummy, solid food! (i.e., if I can manage to 'stay strong' ... there will be a "new me" - well, really more like a "like-I-used-to-be me" - on the other side!)

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1.flag Cathy Comment
would like to know how the next few days went-how long did you do this for and were the results worth it???
2.flag stk Comment

I posted through 5 days (5th day my headache subsided and I was fine for the rest of my 30 day nutritional cleanse).

Unfortunately, while I stayed with the diet, I wasn't able to keep up with my posting (would have been nice to blog through the first fasting day, at least, as they were a tad brutal for me).

I did do a 56-day update.

I lost about 20 pounds over my 30-days. IF you really want to burn fat fast, they recommend 2 fasting days in a row (I had a hard enough time lasting for one 24-hour period, let alone 48, but many people say the 2nd day isn't nearly as bad).

Make no bones about it. Isagenix is a fasting diet ... and ... it works.

My problem? I went right back to my old habits after my 30 days and within about 4 months, I was pretty much where I was when I started.

The key, I guess, is to keep up with the maintenance. (From a business point of view, it didn't pan out, but then again ... I'm not very much of a self-promoter).

I am thinking of doing another 30-day cleanse and - this time - trying to focus on maintenance.

Hope this helps.