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Isagenix: Day 2

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Isagenix: Day 2

February 29th, 2012  · stk

One Tough Day

OKAY ... it's actually Day 5, so I have a bit of catching up to do. (Note to self: Do not start a diet in the week after launching a website! Crazy busy.)

It was cold last night and I couldn't get warm in bed. Mind you, it was a cold night too, so I don't know if "body fuel" was the issue or just plain "cold temperatures". I'm thinking "cold temperatures", because Rachel was cold too. One big benefit to being married? Snuggling! Great way to warm up. We snuggled together most of the night ... and slept.

I woke up feeling hungry. My body was definitely not liking the new regime. I drank water and had a glass of "Ionix Supreme". The morning ritual was pretty much the same, as I worked with Alex on her spelling, walked her a quarter mile down to the bus stop, fed the chickens and collected eggs on my way back.

After my first day, I decided that if I was going to see this 30-day "cleanse" through, there were going to have to be some changes. Plain shakes aren't going to cut it and eating solid food for lunch, while drinking a shake for dinner, isn't at all conducive to family mealtime.

So, I did a radical thing. I added half a banana to my morning vanilla "IsaLean Shake". (I know ... I know ... pretty bold of me, eh?)

The rest of the morning was spent in front of the computer, working on the new website. I chowed down a "Scooby Snack" at about 10:30 AM. Hunger persisted and one "Scooby Snack" didn't ward it off for very long.

As I was working, I noticed that I was beginning to develop a headache. I don't normally get headaches. In fact, I would say that I rarely get headaches. Usually, they're brought on by hunger. So, I figured, "Yep, I'm hungry!" It passed when I had my lunchtime shake (chocolate with - yes - the other half of the banana). Tasted a tad better than vanilla with a banana, but - of course - I still wanted more! I felt full, but hungry.

I pretty much followed the "Shake Day Planner" (plus the banana and change-up between dinner and lunch). My headache returned and persisted during entire afternoon, until dinner. I drank loads of water (hauling around a quart Nalgene water bottle. I drank about 3 quarts of water out of the bottle, plus whatever else I drank with my shakes and out of a glass. I had to pee a lot! Important to stay hydrated!)

Dinner was a highly anticipated event! The whole family had grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast with an Italian dressing marinade, steamed brown rice and steamed carrots and broccoli. (I actually weighed mine, just to make sure I was keeping within the 400-600 calories recommended in a "Balanced Meal". It weighed 6 ounces). Out of curiosity, we tallied up my meal based on Weight Watchers points (Rachel has had success following an "at-home" version of a Weight-Watchers diet, so we had the book ... but it's also possible to tally points online, or even from an iPhone app, I think). My meal came to 8 points and Rachel says, "A point is worth roughly 50 calories". So I was right in the range (maybe add one or two extra for margarine & the salad dressing).

Tuesday's are "Practice Night" at our local fire hall, where I volunteer. So after dinner, it was time to run off and practice fighting fires with my mates. My "Isagenix Coach" is also a volunteer. In fact, there are several of us on the Isagenix "30-day Cleanse" diet. Four hall members and a spouse).

At practice, we chatted about our experiences with the diet thus far. My coach said that my headaches are probably due to mild withdrawal symptoms from no longer drinking coffee. (I usually drink 2-3 ... sometimes more ... MUGS of coffee a day. When I started, I thought I was supposed to quit coffee completely. I found out at practice that you CAN drink coffee, just not on your "cleanse days", which are every 7th day). Good to know!

We all cheated a bit that night, having a few alcoholic drinks after our fire practice. I went home thinking the Isogenix diet wasn't so bad! (I'm sure it was the alcohol, rapidly converted into sugar, doing all the "talking"! LOL).

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1.flag Daphne Comment
Just did a search for "isagenix and coffee" and came across your blog. Such an important topic for us coffee drinkers! I'm on day four and have had the dull headache the whole time. Hooray for your experience, I'm about to go make a cup of coffee!! Thanks!
2.flag Sheila Comment
Hey there! I found your post when typing in 'comparison btwn ww and isa'.
Today is day 32 on the Isagenix 30 day system ( I got through 30, lost 5.5 lbs/1 inch while nursing and decided to do it another month to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight). I can not do the cleansing days, only the shake days at this point. Don't wanna release toxins to my lil' guy!
To your point about the headaches.....Are you taking the IONIX SUPREME? It is an adaptogen RICH tonic and when I ran out of mine, I started getting headaches.
Whenever I get a headache I shoot a shot of that and BAM, GONE!
why? the tonic helps your body better manage stress on a cellular level.
3.flag Dave Comment
Hey guys I just read this
and just a moment before I read your page as well. So I've come back to share this with you. I for the life of me cannot get through a day with out cheating in some small way, so I'm feeling ur pain lol. Btw I'm just into my 3rd week of the 30 day cleanse. My wife and I decided to reward ourselves with a bullet proof coffee over weekend thinking what harm could it do ??
Well check the link out above anyway it will hamper ur weight loss efforts scientific fact
4.flag stk Comment
Dave -

It's been a couple of years since I did my 30-day cleanse. I went from 214 lbs down to about 178 lbs, during that time.

While I followed the program religiously to start, as time wore on, I allowed myself (like you) small rewards (which included, among other things ... 1 cup of coffee per day, a glass of beer or wine with my regular evening meal).

I'm sure one would get best results by omitting such things, but I thought I was doing well enough to warrant a little bit of "spice" in my gastronomical life!

(Since went back to far too much "spice" and need another 30-day cleanse! LOL)

Good luck with the rest of your 30-day cleanse & cheers from Canada!