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Isagenix: Day 3

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Isagenix: Day 3

March 1st, 2012  · stk

Yay! Coffee!

Today my headache persisted and I elected to drink a cup of coffee in the morning (with a teaspoon of sugar), to see if it helped to reduce my persistent, low-grade headache. It was great to have my coffee back! I missed you, dear black stuff!

It tasted great, but did nothing to curb my headache. I'm thinking it's more to do with hunger, than any withdrawals from caffeine. Just my opinion (which I remain free to change at any time!)

I changed up the "IsaLean Shake" this morning. I had chocolate for breakfast (started off with vanilla in the morning). BIG change, eh? LOL ... OKAY ... I added a spoonful of peanut butter. (There's a little recipe booklet that comes with the Isagenix "Isablender". It's a hard-to-follow recipe called, "Peanut Butter Cup". You add 1 tablespoon of "organic" peanut butter to your two scoops of chocolate "IsaLean Shake" and 8 ounces of water. Why "organic"? Why not "organic, dolphin-free, ecologically-sustainable, non-irradiated, community-generated, charity-supporting Canadian" peanut butter? Probably because peanuts come from Georgia, eh? LOL ... I used regular Jiffy peanut butter. I think peanuts are pretty much organic. Maybe not the mouse poops, but the rest is.)

Can you tell? I'm a tad grumpy. I get like that when I'm hungry!

Rachel asked, while I was drinking my breakfast (upstairs, working on the computer), "How's your shake?"

"Oh," I gushed, "This just tastes great! And it's so filling! I - - L ... O ... V ... E - - it! In fact, I love it so much, I think I'm going to have another for lunch ... and for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I'll mix it up a tad and add a little less water though, it's a bit runny!"

Yes, I do sarcasm when I'm grumpy. No extra charge!

The rest of the day went by and I did all that I'm supposed to do (minus the 30-minutes of exercising). I didn't want to strain my already deprived, weakened body!

Actually, I must be getting used to the diet. I got busy with work and actually FORGOT to have my lunch-time "IsaLean Shake"! Can you believe that? (Me neither!)

Dinner sucked. Not wanting to overdose on lean chicken breasts, I pulled out some frozen salmon fillets. These WERE fresh-caught salmon, but they'd been stuffed back into the recesses of the freezer and made little houses back there, building an igloo using all the other frozen items. I guess they've been hibernating back there for what? Two years? (They were a tad freezer burned).

I was determined to use them. Partly to get them out of the freezer, mostly because nothing else was defrosted. Rachel was in a hurry to leave for some nursing function (or was it running clinic?) It's hard to keep track, my food-depraved brain isn't conducting electricity too well anymore!

I steamed the salmon over a bed of vegetables, drowned in balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil, water and lemon juice. We had steamed broccoli along with a cup of steamed brown and wild rice. I also made a red pepper, cucumber and tomato "chutney" (hoping it would drown out the freezer-burned taste). Sounds good, eh?

It wasn't. Rachel couldn't finish hers. I happily ate every bit of mine, saying, "This is the best meal I've had all day!"

We counted how many bones we found in our fish. Alex "won" with nine. She won dessert! I asked her, "How do you like the fish?"

"Well," she hesitated, "I'm glad I won (the bone contest), but I really didn't like it all that much!"

We saved what wasn't eaten and gave it to the chickens the next day. (Chickens make great garbage disposals and have the added benefit of yielding eggs ... not that I've eaten any lately!) :(

I had another cup of coffee after dinner. It had the same effect. It tasted great, but it didn't help my low-grade headache much. (That's OKAY ... I'm kinda getting used to the headache!)

I worked late into the night and didn't go to bed till nearly 1 AM. I was stressing over the new website, which is probably what's causing my headache, in reality.

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