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Isagenix: Day 5

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Isagenix: Day 5

March 3rd, 2012  · stk

Grumpy Bear

It's funny how you can go to bed hungry, but when you wake up, you're not hungry! I love it! (Kinda makes me want to sleep all the time though).

When I woke up on Friday, my headache (like normal) was gone, along with my hunger. The funny thing though, was that it never returned! Yay! I'm hoping my headache days are behind me (more room in bed, for one reason!) LOL.

I've been having fun trying different things in my shakes, just to be creative. Hey ... an artist uses whatever is around him to "create", eh? So what if all my art comes in a glass? It's still art!

This morning I put in a level teaspoon of homemade blackberry jam in with two level scoops of vanilla "IsaLean Shake" powder. Turned it a nice shade of purple and there were even bits of blackberry seeds at the bottom of the mug. (You know you're hungry when, instead of rinsing the mug, you pour water into it, swish it around and then drink it!.

Yep, I'm still hungry!

2 "IsaLean Shakes", 1 scoop of "Ionix Supreme" drink mix, 2 "Natural Accelerator" pills, 2 "Shake day support options" (Scooby Snacks), tons of water (half gallon minimum), 1 "IsaFlush" pill and a balanced meal (400-600 calories) rounded out my diet for the day.

Dinner was very good. I had range-fed, grilled T-bone steak (about 6 ounces) and a salad consisting of stir-fried vegetables and quinoa (Quinoa is an ncient Mayan seed that's considered a "whole grain" food. Quinoa takes less time to cook than other whole-grains, taste's great on its own, is gluten and cholesterol-free and provides all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It's pronounced as "KEEN-wah".)

I also splurged and had a beer with dinner!

Before you freak, I should qualify this by saying it was a "chick" beer.

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