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Isagenix: Day 56

April 29th, 2012  · stk

Quick Update

Sorry. I've been crap at updating this blog. I lasted through my 30-day Isagenix Cleanse & Fat-burning system. I am happy to report that I lost a total of 17 pounds. I'm now on their "Five Pillars of Health" maintenance system and have now lost approximately 20 pounds total. (Not been as rigorous about maintenance as I could/should be, but I started my 30-day cleanse weighing 210 pounds and am now fluctuating between 189-193. Would still like to lose another 5-10 pounds and couple that with some weight training and exercise.)

I still need to finish out the articles to cap off my first week's experience - including my first fasting day on Sunday. The remaining weeks were pretty much a "rinse and repeat" operation, though there were several observations about the Isogenix products and my experience that were worth noting (will come back and infill on my personal experiences - promise).

I attended a day-long Isagenix seminar, yesterday ($20 to get in, got to listen to Michael Close - a Multi-Level Marketing guru). It was an interesting day and I learned more about the Isagenix products, which I am starting to gain an appreciation for the quality of research and ingredients. THIS is the main reason I signed up with Isagenix and not the marketing stuff (I'm a horrible salesperson and can't really see myself becoming some rich millionaire marketer. Wouldn't mind the millionaire part, just don't see myself turning into a "marketer" to do it! LOL.) The balance of the afternoon was spent on the marketing aspects of the product line. Yeah, it's there and if it's for you, then I'm sure that Isagenix is a great company - both in terms of product line and also pay-structure!)

The real reason I'm posting today is because of a news article I spotted in the local paper about the benefits of fasting (one of the hallmarks of the 30-day Fat-burning system is a weekly fast. THIS is where your body looks for fuel alternatives and begins to convert stored glucose, burning fat reserves for fuel. Within the Isagenix community, they recommend a 2-day fast, but after my 4 fasting experiences, I'm not certain I'm down for that. One day was hard enough ... although, oddly enough, after going to bed very hungry after a day of fasting, I was astounded to always wake up the next morning and NOT be hungry!)

Anyway ... here's some of the story (not sure how long the link will last). I thought it was interesting, since I had just come off the Isagenix 30-day nutritional cleanse and fat-burning program only a few weeks prior.

Medical Benefits of Fasting

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