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Dig Clams?

January 31st, 2007  · stk

NewsBrief: [Dig Clams?] 10:30 PM may not be the BEST time to dig in the freezing mud, but with full moon and access to a "hidden spot", we're going clamming

Digging up the Beach

Secret Cove, Yellow Point - The hunt for bi-valves is ON!

Scott got a call from a friend today, who has been to "the clam hole" (a super-secret location, known only to long-time residents of the area). He reports the ability to pull up 50 clams or more, when the tide is right.

"You wouldn't believe these clams," he says, "the beach is clean ... no sand, so they're not gritty."

"Sounds great!" Scott says, "When are we going?"


The hunt for wild Manila clams is on! Get out the rubber boots, don that headlamp, grab that clam rake ... we're digging up filter-feeding bivalves tonight!

First, a BC tidal-water sport fishing license must be acquired. Getting it online is easy - cost $21 and change, for the year. (A bargain, when you consider fresh clams are $2.50 per half dozen).

A quick check on the shellfish closures page (for PSP closures), gives us the green light.

Checking the tide table reveals a good disparity between high and low tides at around 10:30 PM, tonight! ;)

So here goes Scott, off to rake the sand, stick his hands in the (VERY COLD) mud and (hopefully) bring home a small bucket of Manila clams! (The best part, of course, is learning where this 'super-secret', 'known-by-only-long-time-residents' excellent clam beach is located!)

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