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Hello World

September 5th, 2007  · yabba


As most of you probably know Scott and Rachel ( and the excited li'l old Oop ) have been sent out on a fact finding tour of ..... urm .... errr .... some really cool part of Canada .... yeah, that's where they've gone ...... anyway, we ( the cleaning crew of the 2am -> 6am shift ) just wanted to say "enjoy yer holiday boss" .... and we'd like to quote that wonderful yabba, he says it with such perfect wisdom:

yabba_hh: yer boring, scott would have replied by now .... mind you, in fairness, he tends to type a whole diatribe of a reply so he naturally takes longer
yabba_hh: on the bright side, you have the advantage that scotts busy trying to reduce the size of his arse by riding round canada for the next 7 days ( not the whole of canada obviously ..... he'd slide off his bike if his arse got that thin ) so you have a whole 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 seconds to reply
yabba_hh: ..... and counting
yabba_hh: /me takes shoes and socks off ..... ffs, hurry up before I run out of toes

Boss, in all sincerity, hurry back, this yabba geezer's a nightmare :|

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Updated: 15-Sep-2007
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1.flag Gary Comment
....... I am sure this will all make sense to me as soon as I sober up ? Have fun cycling y'all.

2.flag Yabba Comment
As long as I code sticky posts by the time he gets back he'll sack those heathens from "the cleaning crew of the 2am -> 6am shift" and not me ;)

3.flag Gary Comment
... Lol, I am sure your job is safe at A.M ;)
4.flag Gary Comment
... Hey this is great, using someone elses bandwidth for chatting ! How you doing Paul, its been a day or so since I have seen you, whats new ?

5.flag stk Comment
LOL ... you missed me, didn't you. :|


PS - Note to self - Change login and password.
6.flag Gary Comment
Hi Scott, Did you have a nice adventure/cycle ?
Where did you go ?
I look foward to reading your post in the near future about it.

7.flag Yabba Comment
The cleaning crew of the 2am -> 6am shift asked me to remind you that your optimism is legendary ...... mind you, so are other parts of you :|

Welcome back, hope you're now in a position to discard the wide angle lens every time you need a passport sized photo :D


ps. Oh yeah, and I look forward to your write-up ;)