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Clearing the Dock


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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Clearing the Dock

April 14th, 2008  · stk

NewsBrief: [Dock Move] After a memorable voyage, Candace and Richard managed to tow the new dock across Barkley Sound, to the floating cabin • [Meanwhile] Back at the Hutton House, Scott took advantage of sunny weather by painting the chicken coop and clearing a pile of wood from the clearing.

Dock Move

Taylor's Landing (AKA Kimler's Cove) - Roving Randsco reporter, Candace Taylor, filed a report on Saturday's dock tow, across the Barkley Sound, that night from the cabin. The cell phone connection was "iffy", but the gist of their day's adventure was relayed.

After catching a couple of honking dungeness crabs in the Ucluelet harbor, and tying off the new 10-foot by 30-foot dock (it was first reported to be 25 feet long, but apparently, it's now swelled to it's true size of 30 feet) the towing began. After leaving the harbor, the seas became very rough and the open water passage to the broken group islands went at a snails pace and the occupants of the tow boat were tossed and rolled, to the point of sea-sickness.

It's unclear exactly who blew grits, but it's known at this time that both dogs lost their lunch. It's assumed that the other sea dogs, the more experienced pilot, Richard and his gimpy first mate, Candace (she's blown out a knee and is awaiting reconstructive surgery) ... fared only slightly better.

The tow rope broke a couple of times, in the rough water and much time was spent retrieving and reconnecting to the free-floating dock.

"At one point," Candace said, "I looked over at Richard and asked him, 'Are you thinking we should just cut this dock loose and forget about it?'"

"The waves were coming off our starboard side, the whole time we were making our open water passage," said Candace, "this cause the boat to roll violently, side-to-side and everyone was green."

The gruesome twosome prevailed and they eventually reached the relatively protected waters of the Broken Group.

"We do have some good news," said Richard, "On our way out, we found about 200 feet of tug boat rope. It's thicker than your wrist and must be worth about $1000, at least."

When asked why he didn't use that rope, after the other kept breaking, he said, "The tug rope is so thick, I've got nothing to tie it to on the boat!"

By dusk, the dock was at the cabin and Richard worked into the dark, disconnecting the old dock and moving it to it's new resting place, then positioning the new dock into place.

It was a rough ride, a long day and everyone was dog tired ... so to speak. Yay! The new dock is in place and looks great!


Meanwhile ...

Hutton House - Saturday's nice weather was followed by another day of sunshine. The weatherman called for rain by noon, but it never happened.

Thinking it might rain in the afternoon, Scott took advantage of the morning sunshine and busied himself by applying a semi-transparent stain to the chicken coop. Because it had been built in a hurry, right before winter, he'd never had a chance to protect it with paint or stain.

Sitting in the sunshine, eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich, the Oop supervised, while Scott layered on almost a full gallon of stain.

The hens were in a kaffuffle all morning, because they didn't have access to the coop, while their angled walkway was being stained. Then they were upset because the door was shut. Then it was that the nesting boxes were open. Scott eventually let them out of their run and they had free range of the yard.

"Where did they go?" asked Scott, retorically, "Straight to the flower garden, where they proceeded to tear into everything."

As soon as the coop was painted, it was back into the run, for the chickens.

"Man, they really tear things up," said Scott, "Their run looks like a war zone and I'm sure Rachel would be unhappy if her flower gardens looked the same."

clearing before clearing after

Hover over the photograph to see how much wood Scott could chuck, when he made like a woodchuck and chucked wood.

After painting the chicken coop, Scott headed down to the pasture, where he finished sawing up the slash. After finishing that, he let Alex "drive" the truck down and then the two of them loaded up the firewood and hauled it up the hill, dumping it into the old dog run, where it's now in a pile and still needs to be stacked.

It took two full pickup truck loads, to move all the firewood.

One of the two piles of wood have now been cleared. The remaining pile has a lot of bigger logs in it and will require a chainsaw, to get it cut into woodbox-sized pieces.

"Gradually, the clearing is getting cleared," reported Scott.

After moving the wood, Scott polished off the day by giving the clearing it's first haircut of the season. The mow job will help keep down the thistles, nettles and other weeds (primarily).

Busy spring days!

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1.flag Gary Comment
Sounds like you had a busy day, it makes you feel good when you get some jobs done.

Glad you got the dock moved O.K, tell Candace that's a mighty fine pair of crabs she's got !

Sorry to hear you were nearly all going 'green' - it will be those Dorito's that did it.

Our Pam doesn't like boats and the last time I dragged her on one was in Tenerife and she spent most of the 2 hour trip laying down enjoying her lunch again! with another 10 people ;)
On plus note, I really enjoyed the trip :)

Now you have a good tow rope, sourced free of charge, you might invest in a large enough towing eye to fit it in huh :)

2.flag stk Comment
Gz - LOL @ Candace's 'fine pair'! :p :D

Now we just need to find that 8 HP 4-stroke or 9.9 HP oil-injected kicker motor and we can go check out the new dock for ourselves. ;)

Fortunately, our family has pretty strong stomachs on the open water. Mind you, if we'd been tossed about as much as Candace and Richard, we might be looking a tad green too.
3.flag Lol Comment
Hos big were the crab ..? How many inches that is ..
4.flag Katrina Comment
How big were these crab? :O They look HUGE!! Congrats on that, I'm sure they were just DELICIOUS!! I love that kind of crab. Nice job!!