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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Oop Lights Utility Raccoon

December 2nd, 2008  · stk

NewsBrief: [Utility Room Redo] Scott has been spotty on the Internet - here's why • [Chickens Three Raccoons One] Another two raccoons have been caught • [Oop Rabbit] An update on Alex's kindergarten year • [Festival of Lights] Kimlers head to Ladysmith for a Light-up Celebration

Utility Room Redo

Hutton House - After three days of debris, dust and upheaval, Rachel is already antsy for the project to be completed. Scott is thinking that he should have his head examined by a doctor of psychiatry, for beginning such a project, right before the holidays.

If you hear banging and notice plaster dust on your furnishings, it just might be from the newest Hutton House project - "The big utility room re-do".

"It's by far the biggest interior remodeling project we've done to-date," says Rachel, eager for her Christmas present, but unhappy to be living in turmoil till then (and secretly wondering if "her Christmas present" will be DONE by Christmas).

"We're just getting started," says Scott, covered in dust and up to his ears in plumbing, electrical, drywall and construction work.

The Hutton House utility room wasn't very ... well ... utilitarian ... for lack of a better word. The chimney and nearly triangular room makes the space awkward. Having a plumbing clean-out drain sticking up two inches out of the concrete floor, nearly two feet from the wall, doesn't help either. It meant the Kimler family washing machine sat nearly in the center of the room (since it can't be placed against the wall). There was little built in storage. Rachel bought and assembled a temporary shelving unit, which she put behind the washing machine - just to utilize the space. The electric dryer space is poorly utilized as well. It blocks access to the water heater, which is jammed into a triangular corner and was "hidden" with two large and ungainly doors. The only storage closet was - mostly - an laundry chute all the way from the 2nd floor bathroom.

"We thought the laundry chute was kinda cool," said Scott, "but we don't use it. So we're removing it and replacing it with a bonafide broom closet."

Other things that will change:

  • baseboard heater - removed
  • plumbing - moved interior to wall
  • washer - moved to dryer location
  • washer/dryer - stacked
  • washer area - add counter, cabinets & sink
  • add 220 Volt 20 AMP plug for garage
  • use dedicated 110 Volt 15 AMP circuit
  • more sockets + another overhead light
  • wash/dry area - add counter & storage
  • add lighted display cubby to stairwell
  • add coat hooks & shoe bench
  • new linoleum flooring
  • smooth textured ceiling & skylight box

"Of course," said Scott, "One thing leads to another and now we're looking at adding some kind of ducting system to move hot air from the living room - which has the wood stove - to the dining room and guest bedroom."

Rachel rolls here eyes, knowing that her life (and house) are going to be in varying states of demolition and construction for some time to come.

"Scott has a way of starting projects," she explains, "then putting them on hold whilst he works on something else."

"Hey," he retorts, "I finish stuff!"

"Yeah," says Rachel quickly, "but you do in years, what other people do in weeks."

"Hey, at least I finish them," Scott says, sheepishly.

We'll follow the progress of he utility room re-do, whether it's over the course of several weeks ... (or years - which is another matter entirely).

Chickens Three Raccoons One

Hutton House Hen House - The Hutton House hens caught another two raccoons in their trap. The raccoons were tried and convicted by a chicken court for their participation in the murder of a Hutton House chicken. Sentencing was carried out swiftly by the court bailiff, amid much clucking and brawking.

Oop Rabbits

Alex reports that she has been having loads of fun in kindergarten. In fact, between kindergarten, day-care, swimming lessons and Sparks (earliest Girl Guide group), she's got quite the social calendar.

Besides having her very own (first) birthday party this year, she's also on the social circuit for attending many parties of other kids ... AND ... she's even starting to have "play dates" with some of her school chums.

Eye vey, little Alex Kimler is growing up quickly!

It used to be that Alex spent a great deal of time at home, doing her own kind of "remodeling projects" (most of which involved loads of "demolition" and very little clean-up .... hmmmm .... kinda a lot like her Dad's projects!) Now, with school, her remodeling is pretty much limited to weekends.

This past Saturday (known to the Oop as "Cartoon Day") Alex decided she wanted to build a fort. So she took her "TV Blanket" (quilt made for her by her Gran) and the couch afghan (made by her other grandma), pillows, chair and foot-rest - placing them around the coffee table. Blammo ... instant fort!

Alex got her very first report card from school the other day. She "met expectations (advanced)" in all categories and "exceeded expectations" in her ability to "verbalize her thoughts and feelings". (When Scott and Rachel met with Alex's teacher, they learned that this was because Alex puts on such great "Show and Tells").

Alex has a show and tell opportunity each Wednesday. So far, she's shown and told about: Her summer trip to "Watch Lake (she brought Gran's photo scrap book to share); the different types of forest mushrooms (Dad and the Oop picked a variety of mushrooms from around the Hutton House); about her chickens (she brought a "rabbit" to show. For those that don't know, Scott draws a picture of a rabbit onto hard boiled eggs, to tell them apart from raw eggs.) and shared that her dad is in the fire hall (she's informed Dad that he'll have to come by the class and "talk" to the kids about the fire hall).

"Oh joy!" says Dad.

Festival of Lights

Ladysmith Festival of Lights

Ladysmith - Besides being the home town of Pamela Anderson, Ladysmith - a seaside town just south of Nanaimo - is also known for its Festival of Lights, a Christmas tradition.

The festival started in 1987, as a way to compliment the town's heritage and revitalization project. From the last Thursday in November, till the first Sunday in January, the town of Ladysmith is awash in shimmering Christmas lights. Over the years, the festival has grown, attracted corporate sponsors, more visitors and (of course) the light-up celebration (complete with a visit from Santa, a town parade and a fireworks display) is widely attended.

The first year the Kimlers moved to town, the light-up celebration was canceled, because of snow. They missed last year, but made up for their lapse by attending this year.

They joined the throng of people lining the main street. They watched, while Santa (perched on a roof) did the honors and lit up the town. Then it was time for the parade. All manner of emergency vehicle, truck and float - sporting a dazzling array of lights - made their way slowly down the street. Clowns, elves, Santas and other people walked along, handing out various trinkets, flyers, discounts and candy to kids small and large.

The Kimlers headed for home, after the parade, skipping the big fireworks display. (It was already past the Oop's bedtime - 8 PM).

"It's a great way to ring in the holidays," said Rachel, "and it's made even sweeter, because I took my final exam for my Labor & Delivery course, which means I'm done with school for this year! Yay!"

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1.flag Gary Comment
Scott, the chickens must be happy knowing that justice has been served. Chicken court :)

You are quite a handy-man doing all jobs around the house, I like to get stuck in myself and get self satisfaction when the job has been done, not to mention thinking about how much I might have had to pay to get a tradesman in.

Glad Alex is doing well at school, I used to dread my school reports when I got older at school, it always meant a verbal ear bashing if I got a bad report or wasn't doing very well :(

That's a nice idea at Ladysmith before Christmas every year, I bet you enjoyed yourselves. I like that photo of you and Alex with the flashing streams of colour (yes I have spelt it correctly).

Tell Alex I like her fort, they have such an imagination at that age ;)

Laters :)


2.flag Yabba Comment

I like to get stuck in myself and get self satisfaction

I bet you know all the words to Y.M.C.A as well huh? :roll: