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Aussie Valentine Record


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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Aussie Valentine Record

February 17th, 2009  · stk

NewsBrief: [Aussie This Aussie That] It's been all about Scott's application for Tourism Queensland's "Island Caretaker" lately • [New Lay Record Set] The Hutton House hens laid seven eggs today, setting a new single-day lay record • [Valentine Amore] Scott made a small blunder in buying Rachel's Valentine card.

Aussie This Aussie That

Yellow Point, Australia - Sometime shortly after filming Scott's Aussie "Island Caretaker" video, it's been like a 24-hour cable channel around here - the "AAA Channel". (We're talking about the "All About Australia" Channel, not the "American Automobile Association" channel).

If you don't already know - and it's pretty hard not to, when Scott throws up a site-wide banner about the bloody thing - Scott's applied for the highly publicized Queensland Tourism position of "Island Caretaker".

We won't go into details, as not to bore everyone to death. Just letting folks know that most of the recent news has more to do with the land down under than the land outside the front door.

Enough. View the video and vote 5 stars! (View it again, if you've already viewed it and vote again, if you've voted already. Vote daily, hourly or minutely ... and we don't mean a small, we mean OFTEN!

We apologize if the Queensland Tourism website is slow. We didn't design the site or plan the server specifications. IF we had, you would be darned sure that the "visitor experience" would be better! ;) (Just pull up the video link and camp on it and do something else. If the video comes up, watch and vote ... if not, just hit refresh and give it another few minutes.) Aaargh - I know, but it's a reflection on THEM, not my video. Makes my "thank you for voting" mean something more, because we know what you're having to go through.

New Lay Record Set

Hutton House Hen House - A new single-day lay record was set by the Hutton House hens today. Seven eggs were laid and gathered this morning!

"It was bound to happen," reports Scott, "now that we have seven hens."

(The last record was six, set last year, by - then - four hens).

Valentine Amore

Hutton Dog House - Valentine's Day came and went, but for Scott, this Valentine's may live in infamy.

First, the legal disclaimer: The following story in no way reflects poorly on Scott's moral or romatic upstanding. Any resemblance to Valentine's Day past or present is purely coincidental and unintentioned. Let it be known that Scott, being of sound mind and body, did herefore make a - terribly funny though it may be - social blunder.

"It was an honest mistake," he said, laughing.

What happened? Scott bought the wrong Valentine's Day card. So eager was he to share his love and affection, that he grabbed a card that showed three "people" on the front. His idea was that they represented himself, Tuxedo (the cat) and Alex. (Mind you, only Tuxedo's likeness was represented by a cat. Alex was a dog (on the right) and Scott was a - well - whatever that's supposed to be. A dog with stiff ears?

The outside of the card said, "Happy Valentine's Day" and the inside, "We [heart] You!".

"Ah, that's nice," thought Scott, "I'll let Alex sign it, I'll draw a small paw-print for Tuxedo. It's the nicest card on the rack!"

What Scott failed to see? That under the "Happy Valentine's Day", was stitched the word, "Grandpa"!!

Scott may have missed it, but Rachel didn't. :(

Reporting live from the frigid Hutton House Dog House and bringing you "news that you can use" this is Dirk Smedley (of the famed, "Birk Does ..." XXX-rated movie series).

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1.flag Gary Comment
Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I guess you are really in the dog house Scott. Perhaps you need to get your eyes tested before you jet off to Australia ;) Either that or get a good lawyer :)

You do realise that you are never EVER going to live this down, Rachel will bring it up again and again ;)

You are going to have to do some serious buttering up and grovelling and may I suggest a nice bunch of a dozen red roses, some Belgium chocolates, a bottle of Moet and a card without a cat that thinks it's a dog and the word GRANDPA on it :P