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Emergency Aussie Yahoo Sale


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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Emergency Aussie Yahoo Sale

April 1st, 2009  · stk

NewsBrief: [Aussie Top 10] Tourism Queensland announces tomorrow the Top 10 "Island Caretakers" * [Eggs 4 Sale] Rachel sells eggs to Nanaimo nursing staff * [Aircraft Emergency Training] Scott attends weekend firefighting training at the local airfield * [Yahoo Hacked] Rachel's Yahoo!Mail account is hacked and Yahoo customer support is pathetic

Aussie Top 10

Queensland, Australia - Scott didn't make the Top 50 list for "The Best Job in the World", but still, the show goes on.

Julia Yalovitsyna, from Russia, was eliminated because of her involvement in a porn scandal. Achim Dold, from Germany, withdrew his application for unknown reasons.

Forty eight remain. Clare Wang, from Taiwan, was declared the wild-card applicant, because her video received the most votes - by a wide margin (151,000+ votes, compared to 2nd-place Mitchell, with 55,000+ votes).

Tourism Queensland will announce, tomorrow, which of the 47 remaining applicants they have selected as the Top 10. All eleven will be flown to Australia for interviews.

UPDATE: Tourism Queensland announced early on April 2nd that they would be selecting 15 applicants for an expense-paid trip to Australia, rather than 10. (The wild-card - Clare Wang - will be going regardless and she'll bring the total number of applicants selected for a trip to Australia to 16). (tourism queensland news item)

The move is an acknowledgement by Tourism Queensland that the Top 50 have generated "incredible media coverage and support ... in their respective countries". (My guess is that they decided the media coverage far exceeded the $20k AUS or so extra it will cost them to offer a paid trip to the five extra candidates).

Good luck to all the Top 50 candidates who are anxiously awaiting to find out if they're one of the 15 that will be selected!


Yahoo Hacked

Yahoo!Mail Server Somewhere - Two weeks ago, someone from Australia hacked into the Yahoo!Mail server and broadcast a SPAM message to everyone in her Yahoo address book. The message was short and contained a link to some SPAM website.

We've been trying to work with Yahoo!Mail customer support to determine the nature of the email break-in and despite multitudes of messages, the Yahoo!Mail support staff has been very un-helpful.

"Most Yahoo!Mail customer service representatives don't read our message content," said Scott, exasperated with the lack of cooperation and assistance, "They just send back some automated message or try to throw up some other unhelpful roadblock."

The incident wasn't a one-off, as it happened again, last night.

"This is most frustrating," said Rachel, during a cell-phone interview, "and I'm thinking about swapping my account to gMail, because of the grief Scott's gotten from Yahoo!Mail customer service."

Aircraft Emergency Training

Nanaimo Airport - Last weekend, Scott - along with other North Cedar Fire Department members - participated in a joint training session at the Nanaimo Airport.

Because of the recent fire department boundary changes, different departments will now be responding to emergency calls at the Nanaimo Airport. The airport now falls within Cranberry's fire-protection district and they will now be responsible for any and all emergencies calls. In the event of a large-scale emergency, Cranberry will be calling on their neighboring departments - North Cedar and Ladysmith - to provide mutual aid.

The training provided an introduction and overview of aircraft emergencies, firefighting and rescue priorities, tools and techniques and got the new departments interacting with airport staff, equipment and learning airport procedures.

The two-day classroom course went well and there will be follow-on training and a mock emergency scenario training event, at the airport, this coming autumn.


Eggs 4 Sale

Nanaimo Hospital - With seven laying hens, the Hutton House hens have been producing more than Scott, Rachel and Alex can consume. Rachel has begun to take the extras (couple dozen eggs per week) to the hospital, to sell for $3 a dozen, to other nurses.

The labor and delivery department, where Rachel is now working, seems to be keen on the brown, free-range eggs. Rachel has more customers than the hens can keep up with in eggs!

At the moment, profits are used to "grow the company", so to speak - quite literally - as the hens are producing enough to keep themselves in feed.

Scott and Rachel have given some thought to expanding operations, which would require the acquisition of more birds, chicken coops, fenced-in runs and a permanent barn.

"If we can sell $2500-worth of eggs," explained Rachel, "we would qualify for 'farm status', which would lower our property taxes and provide several other benefits."

So far, the Hutton House hens are ambivalent about Rachel selling their eggs.

"There's been some squawking," said Scott, jokingly, "but usually, it's about laying the eggs and not selling them!"

Expansion of the egg business will be discussed at the next Randsco board meeting, expected to take place sometime this summer. No decisions will be made till all parties involved have their say. Any shareholder who cannot attend the meeting, may vote by proxy.

Though we can't determine which way company execs are leaning, we're fairly certain that Rachel holds the majority vote.

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1.flag Gary Comment
Glad the hens are earning their keep, there's no room for slackers in this day and age.
Just 833 dozen eggs to sell before you get 'Farm status'' and lower property taxes.

Perhaps you could team up with yabba and he could put some hens on his veg plots ;)

I bet Alex is looking forward to the chocolate variety of eggs, with it being Easter Sunday this holiday weekend ? Hope she doesn't make her self sick by eating them all at once!

Have a nice weekend.

2.flag stk Comment
Thanks for the math. :| I'll have to go buy a chicken whip and get those hens a'crackin!

Fairly sure Yabba would want such destructive birds in his precious vegetable plots!

Alex is indeed, looking forward to Easter. (The past two years, we've been at the floating cabin, but Rachel has shifts at the hospital, so we'll be home this year). No matter how it plays out, I'm sure the Oop will have fun!
3.flag Gary Comment
Lol @ thanks for math:)

4.flag Adam From Next Door Comment
hey i was wondering if we could buy some of your chickens?? $5.00 each?