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First Live Rider Break-In Facility


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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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First Live Rider Break-In Facility

April 28th, 2009  · stk

NewsBrief: [Live Fire II] Scott attends advanced firefighting training • [New Maintenance Facility] Randsco campus grows • [Rider Mower] Maintenance equipment donated to company • [Break-in Reported] Rachel's car is broken into

Live Fire II

Maple Ridge - Last weekend, three firefighters from North Cedar - including Scott Kimler - joined nine other Vancouver Island firefighters in a 'live fire' exercise at the Justice Institute training facility in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

The focus for the two-day course was training firefighter personnel in the role of "company officer", when approaching various live fire situations. Training included a morning lecture on fire fighting theory (use of foam and foam types, properties of propane and BLEVE situations). An afternoon was spent in live fire exercises applying foam onto various hydrocarbon fires, as well as safe approach and shut-down of an ignited, venting propane tank. An entire day was spent rotating through various roles in a variety of live fire exercises in the 4-story, concrete "Burn Building" on campus.

It was a grueling and exhausting, but fun, two days.

"It was great meeting other guys from various [Vancouver Island] fire halls," said Scott Kimler, from North Cedar.

Of the nine other participants, six were from Colwood, near Victoria, two from Salt Spring Island and one from Eucluelet.

Justice Institute technicians ignited several rooms afire, using a number of wood pallets. Teams of four entered the building, named either as "Attack 1" or "Attack 2" - charged with fire assessment, suppression, ventilation, search and rescue. The third group acted as RIT, setting up a RIT staging area and conducting a 360-degree evaluation of the "structure", looking for hazards and secondary means of egress.

To give you an idea of conditions inside the "Burn Building", one of the firefighters from North Cedar, received first-degree burns on his knees, from the heat of the concrete floor.

"It was bloody hot," said Scott Kimler!

New Maintenance Facility

Hutton House - Those on the 5-acre Randsco main campus at "Hutton House" may notice the new, temporary maintenance building, in the northwest corner.

"It's hidden in the trees," reported the construction foreman, walking a group of reporters to the site of the new structure.

The new building provides storage and a base of operations for the Randsco campus landscaping maintenance crew, which - up till now - has been forced to share space with the poultry management department.

"We're very happy to have our own space," said Scott, chief of the landscaping maintenance crew, "Not that we don't like the poultry people, but it is a tad stinky over there!"

The new treated canvas and metal pole struture is the first new building to be erected on the Randsco campus since the property was purchased three years ago.

Randsco president and Editor-in-Chief, Scott Kimler, during the ribbon-cutting ceremony said, "This heralds a new era for Randsco. Our company is growing. We're adding more employees and building revenue - day-by-day, month-over-month and year-by-year. While we're hoping to replace this temporary facility with a new, state-of-the-art facility, this building is a demonstration of our growth and proof that we're on target with our 10-year plan."

Reporters were led on a tour of the new facility and then treated to a wine-and-cheese bruncheon at the main campus headquarters, overlooking the newly mowed pasture and enjoying the sun-dappled beauty of the cafeteria patio.

1st Cabin Trip

Julia Passage - Randsco executives took the company yacht "Blue Yonder" to the floating corporate hideaway in the Barkley Sound, two weeks ago. Reporters are just learning about the trip, apparently the first of the season.

"We didn't want to make a big deal about it," said Scott, during a phone interview, "It was a short three-day excursion and we're happy to report that the trip went well and - more importantly - the corporate yacht ran through her paces without incident."

The long Yellow Point winter is over and warmer days are ahead. Lucky Randsco staff and important guests are often treated with weekend trips to the remote and beautifully-situated floating company retreat, which is located on the doorstep of the Pacific Rim National Park.

"Unfortunately," said Scott, "I came down with food poisoning and the trip - for me anyway - was marred with flu-like symptoms. I spent most of the trip confined to bed."

Rider Mower

Hutton House - It was reported earlier that Randsco had built a new, albeit temporary, maintenance storage facility on their main campus. In a later press release, Randsco announced that they had received a generous donation of a riding lawn mower, which became the first piece of equipment to be stored in the new facility.

"We are very thankful for the generous gift," wrote Scott Kimler, President and Editor-in-Chief, "The donors, Georgina and Richard, have given us their older mower, in favor of their new John Deere tractor/mower.

The new riding lawn mower is a 15 horsepower, rear-bagger model with electric start and night-operations capabilities.

"No more grass! No more grass!" shouted 5-and-a-half-year-old Alex with glee, riding atop the mower in the lap of the head of the Randsco maintenance department. The duo mowed the pasture in a third of the time it took staff to mow the pasture with the gas-powered, push mower.

Alex laughed going uphill, downhill, under branches, over bumps and around tight turns. She was even allowed to "drive" and managed to keep a straight track, in large part.

"Alex is a lot of fun," said the groomsman, after dumping a bag of grass into the poultry yard, "She loves riding the mower and helped me mow the whole pasture - staying up till 9 PM, which was way past her bedtime!"

"The "new" mower will be a welcome addition to the Randsco campus," said Rachel, "It means less time will be spent on mowing and they'll be more time for other projects!"

Break-in Reported

Nanaimo - Rachel dropped Alex and a friend off at the Nanaimo Aquatics Center for swimming lessons, then drove the short distance to the Buttertubs Marsh Bird Sanctuary parking lot. There, she locked the car and began jogging, following the nature trail that rims the marshy pond in the center of the sanctuary.

Her first hint that something might be awry, was when she spotted a man sitting on a rock near the parking lot area.

"He just looked suspicious," Rachel said, during her interview with the police, "but I wasn't paying much attention and don't remember much about his appearance."

When Rachel returned from her run, she discovered that the passenger window of her Subaru station wagon had been broken and that a thief - presumably the same suspicious-looking man - had stolen her canvas handbag. Inside was her jacket, wallet, hospital identification card and an envelope containing roughly $50 in coins (Alex's "Girl Guide" cookie sales money).

Rachel notified the police, but because she had moved the car (to pick up Alex and her friend from swimming lessons), they wouldn't "investigate".

Distraught and feeling violated, Rachel called Scott, to relay the news. Rachel returned home and began the process of canceling credit cards and taking inventory of all that was lost.

The car window was replaced the next day and the guy at the shop installed the window, free of charge. This helped to restore Rachel's faith in humanity, but still, the hassle and sting of the theft loomed large.

A couple days later, Rachel's hospital ID turned up - at the hospital and Rachel received a telephone call from a man who had found her bag, on a wooded trail near Vancouver Island University. The bag, her jacket and Alex's Girl Guide money were all intact. The only thing that was - ultimately - taken, was the wallet.

"The crazy thing," explained Rachel, "was that the back hatch to the car was open and there was a $250 depth sounder, in a box, sitting out in the open."

The smash & dash has shocked everyone at Randsco.

"Gee, we think of Nanaimo as being a small town and relatively insulated from this kind of crime," said one staff member.

The man who found Rachel's bag, declined comment, but did say that he routinely walks that particular path and has - on several occassions - found stolen belonging tossed into the woods.

"Someone is breaking into cars in the Buttertubs parking lot and has been, for some time," he said.

Hopefully, the RCMP is aware of the activity and will catch those responsible.

Aside from the major inconvenience, cost of repair and feelings of violation, the thief didn't manage to get much monetary gain.

"I had less than $20 in my wallet and none of the cards I'd canceled had any recent, illicit activity posted," said Rachel.

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1.flag Gary Comment
So sorry to hear of Rachels break in and the theft of her bag, it's a crazy world and there's always some lowlife ready for an easy picking in a smash and grab.

Gosh, that poor fellow with 1st degree burns to his knees, it sounds mighty hot in there. Is the man recovering now Scott ?

Like the new maintenance building, its a fair size and will store some stuff in there.

The sit on mower looks great. My Dad got one very simular and it not only makes mowing easier, but a heck of a lot more fun. You were very lucky to have such good friends to give you something like that.
No need for me to get one - my lawn is 15ft x 6 ft !!! It's like a postage stamp compared to your acres :P

Glad Alex enjoyed helping you out, she sounds like she enjoys lending a hand to her Dad.

Sorry you got food poisoning, what was that from do you think? Did you catch more fish and crabs whilst you were there and eat a dodgy one ?

Nice post,