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Rainy Day Reno


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Rainy Day Reno

April 18th, 2010  · stk

NewsBrief: [Rainy Day Reno] If it hadn't rained today, I wouldn't be doing this! •

Bathroom Reno Starts

The day before yesterday, it was a bright and sunny day. Scott was working outside, mowing the pasture and fighting the first wave of dandelions.

Yesterday, it was rainy. Because we had scraped off the textured ceiling in the bathroom, in preparation for a new coat of paint, we looked at the bathroom with a more critical eye.

"It'd be nice to move the baseboard heater around the corner," said Rachel, "because then it wouldn't interfere with opening the vanity drawers." (and the vanity could be placed against the wall, instead of having an ugly gap).

"Yeah," Scott said, "and we really need to redo the drywall in the skylight, since it's not finished well, peeling and probably has moisture damage."

One thing let to another and now, we've somehow committed ourselves to doing a mini bathroom renovation (mind you, not the big bathroom renovation, because the BIG bathroom renovation involves splitting the one full bathroom into two 3/4 bathrooms, giving Alex her own bathroom and removing the super-sized jacuzzi bathtub that we never use because it takes so much well water to fill it (when you're on well water and septic, the jacuzzi tub seems like an impractical luxury ... and we already have another full bath downstairs).

So, Scott grabbed the hammer and started the demolition phase.

Rachel asked, nervously, "This will be done soon, right?" adding, "I mean, you're pretty good at the demolition stuff, but fairly slow at the rebuilding stuff."

Scott glared at Rachel.

Rachel's only hope is that it rains for a week straight!

To be done: Replace the rotten drywall in the skylight with water-resistant drywall and finish it off nicely, change the angle of the drywall at the bottom of the drywall to continue the line of the vertical wall across the entire room, move the baseboard heater, move the vanity back against the wall, which necessitates a new counter top, sink and fixtures, build a shelving unit above the commode, add a pot light above the commode, straighten out the wavy drywall joints for the two non-ninety-degree angles, prime, paint and re-caulk.

No worries, eh?.

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