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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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New Rescue

November 17th, 2010  · stk

NewsBrief: [New Rescue Truck Arrives] The North Cedar Fire Hall takes delivery of a new 4x4 rescue vehicle. First look at this custom-built bad boy!

New Rescue Truck Delivered

North Cedar - During practice last night, firefighters got their first, close-up look at the new North Cedar Fire Department Rescue vehicle. Sporting a 6.7 liter twin diesel engine, crew cab that seats five, LED emergency lighting, 4-wheel drive and a frame-mounted 5-ton winch ... this baby is going to rock the streets of North Cedar.

The custom-made box by Express Custom features convenient and curb-safe roll-up doors. Slide out gear racks provide quick access to emergency equipment and an on-board SCBA air-compressor means on-scene refilling during major fires. Powerful scene lighting can be rapidly deployed and will assist in during nighttime emergency calls. There appears to be enough room to stow ample medical and rescue gear, including the equipment for newly acquired capabilities - swift-water and low-slope rescues.

The details on this new vehicle haven't been confirmed, but on first look, it appears to be an excellent replacement for the existing Rescue truck, which will likely be refitted and recycled as a multi-purpose forestry/utility vehicle. The new truck costs just a tad more than your base-price Masarati sports car, but the Department didn't have to raise taxes to pay for it. Because of foresight and responsible fiscal planning, money for this vehicle came from an existing "Truck Fund" (a long-term budget item ear-marked for major apparatus improvements and replacement).

The new truck is awaiting registration, decals and an equipment transfer. Fire Hall officials hope to have the new truck in service sometime during the next week. Look for it responding to calls in the North Cedar Fire Protection area soon!

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