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Bike Crash Update


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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Bike Crash Update

May 27th, 2011  · stk

NewsBrief: [Bike Crash Update] It's been nearly three weeks since Alex broke her arm in a freak bicycle accident. Here's an update on her progress ...

After 20 Days

Alex with her broken arm in a cast

Hutton House - Twenty days ago, Alex crashed her new bicycle into a ditch near the house. It wasn't a particularly steep ditch, nor was it filled with big boulders (like further up the roadway). She just landed awkwardly and then the bicycle landed on top of her.

When she walked down the driveway, she said, "I think I broke my arm!" as she sobbed.

She hadn't a bruise on her, nor a scratch. Dad thought for sure she was OKAY ... till he felt her arm.

"We better take off your jacket," he said.

Sure enough, it looked like Alex had dislocated her elbow. Rachel rushed her off to the Urgent Care facility in Ladysmith where, as a precaution, they took an X-Ray, before any attempts to put it back in place.

An initial look at the X-Ray seemed to indicate that Alex had only dislocated her elbow, but upon closer scrutiny, they decided it might be broken, as well. They recommended that Alex head up to Nanaimo Regional Hospital, in case surgery was needed.

After visiting the Emergency Room, doctors in Nanaimo decided that it was indeed a break and because there were operating theatres available, that the operation would take place that very day. She was admitted, prepped for surgery and underwent a general anesthetic which put her out cold. It was only afterward, that we learned that a closed reduction (relocation of the elbow, without cutting any skin) was successful and seemingly snapped the bone back in place too.

This was good news, as it meant that Alex wouldn't have to "go under the knife".

Her arm was wrapped in a fibreglqass "half-cast", which held her arm in a bent position. The cast was wrapped and held in place by a long Ace bandage. Alex was groggy, after the surgery, but her spirits were good. She was sent home after several hours of observation.

The cast was on for a week (and then left on during the weekend, as we embarked upon our annual 'Fire Hall Fishing Derby' camping weekend, up at Nanaimo Lakes). Better to have the cast on, protecting Alex's arm whilst playing and then off at night, whilst sleeping.

Alex didn't seem to be in much pain, but as one might expect, she didn't have a great range of motion with her elbow, either.

It's now been nearly three weeks since her accident and she's been out of the cast for some time. She's been instructed to try to straighten her arm as much as possible, but it pains her to do so and she still has limited motion. (She can barely touch her shoulder with her right hand and still can't straighten her right arm ... missing about 20-degrees of movement).

She had a follow-up visit to the doctor just after one week. The bone fragment that broke is roughly in the same position as it was after the closed reduction ... sitting just a tad further away than it was originally. The surgeon says this shouldn't cause much problem and will probably result in a slight thickening of her elbow - nothing more.

Alex has another follow-up visit this coming Tuesday and we'll be eager to hear what he says about the (continued) limited range of motion. Alex doesn't like trying to straighten her arm - "because it hurts," she says and hasn't been working at it as diligently as she could, as a result. Because she'd predominantly left-handed, having her right arm out of commission doesn't seem to bother her too much, as she carries it around like a broken wing.

Anxious parents want the assurance that she won't have a "broken wing" for life and are eager to see her healed with a full and complete range of motion.

Meanwhile, in other news ... both Rachel and Scott reported spotting loads more grey hairs on their heads this past week. Neither know why this might be. Any ideas?

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1.flag Kim Comment
Poor Baby! I hope she's flying around happily in no time....big hugs from her Fairy God Momma :)
2.flag stk Comment
Thanks Kim! Your hugs help!