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It takes time to create blog entries and not everything that happens, merits an entry. So, we've created this 'news' section, to keep readers up-to-date with our misadventures and accomplishments. Read about it here FIRST, before it makes it into a blog entry.

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Nightly Hockey Mowing

June 14th, 2006  · stk

NewsBrief: [Lady of the Evening] It's not what you think. • [Live Game Five] The Oilers take on Carolina for the Stanley Cup. It's do or die. • [Oop Mows] Alex shows interest in mowing the lawn.

Lady of the Evening

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Neighbors have reported strangers coming and going from the Kimler residence at odd hours. Police investigated, only to discover that Rachel Kimler is working nights, but not as a call girl. Instead, she has been preceptoring at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, on the night shift, from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

In a telephone interview with her husband, he said, "LOL, that's Rachel leaving our house at 10:30 PM, not John."

Hospital authorities confirm that Rachel is 'learning the rope' in the Labor & Delivery Ward, where new Oilers fans are born, every day.

"Having Rachel work nights is nice," says Scott, "during weekdays, it means that Rachel can sleep, during the day, when the Oop is at day-care."


Live Game Five

Raleigh - The Edmonton Oilers are playing in Game 5, of the Stanley Cup Finals, as we put this to press. All the Randsco staff members are watching, including the Oop.

"Go Oilers go!" exclaims the Oop, clapping her hands over her head.

Late Breaking: The Oilers WIN ... in overtime. This exciting turn of events forces a Game 6, to be played here in Edmonton, three nights from now.

"I couldn't be happier for them," said the Oop, in a post-game interview, "This means that I'll get to see one more hockey game, this season, for sure!"

Oop Mows

Backyard - Alex (aka "The Oop") has confirmed rumors that she is now interested in mowing the lawn.

"This isn't a surprise," says her proud father, Scott, "she has always shown an interest in helping out around the house."

How much help this tiny three-foot person will be, remains to be seen.

The Kimler family received a new lawnmower, from their landlord, when the old electric lawn mower died, suddenly and tragically, a couple of weeks ago. A brief memorial service was held in the back alley, after which, brazen thieves made away with the carcass, before a proper landfill burial could take place.

For the past two weeks, Scott has had to beg, borrow and (wanted to steal) gas lawn mowers from surrounding neighbors, until the landlord could find another electric mower.

"Mowing around an extension cord is a pain in the @ss," grumbled Scott.

A brand-new replacement mower was delivered today. Mr. Kimler put it together and the Oop, hoping to play with it, helped.

"She REALLY wanted to operate that mower," said Rachel, her mother, who spoke to reporters about the incident, "So ... we let her."

Randsco staff members were amused to see the result, which was captured on video, by an anonymous bystander. (Randsco is in negotiations with the film's owner, for viewing rights and hopes to publicly air the humorous, short video, sometime in the near future).

Stay tuned for developments.

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Montrose CSS Cup

June 5th, 2006  · stk

NewsBrief: [Stanley Cup] The 2006 Stanley Cup Final gets underway at 9PM EST tonight • [Montrose Park] Complaints are lodged in Edmonton over poor park maintenance • [Print CSS] Randsco debuts printer-friendly (via a CSS file) articles.

Stanley Cup

Raleigh - The first game of the 2006 Stanley Cup finals, between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes, gets underway at the RBC Center.

Scott and Rachel Kimler will be among many Edmonton locals tuning into the game, which will be shown on CBC television, across Canada.

"Are you kidding?" asked an incredulous Scott, "We wouldn't miss it. It's been an exciting series, to this point and it seems improbable that Edmonton could win the Stanley Cup."

He's right. Coming into post-season play, Edmonton was ranked last among the eight Western Conference teams. Now they're first.

"I like hockey!" shouted Alex, Scott and Rachel's daughter, who's only 2 and a half years old, "Hockey, hockey, hockey!!"

It's plain to understand that Alex enjoys hockey!

"We've tried to capture her excitement for the game, on video," explained Rachel, "but each time we pull out the camera, she gets stage fright and clams up."

The game gets underway at 6 PM, local time.

Montrose Park

Montrose Park - Anonymous sources have filed several complaints with the city, claiming that the City Parks Department is failing to take proper care of the facilities.

Randsco sent a reporter to the scene.

"Just look at that tall grass," said Scott Kimler, a resident in the area, who has spear-headed the complaints. The grass is nearly as high as the picnic tables and badly in need of a trim. "Dandelion weeds are everywhere, too."

See "Montrose Park", for a full story on the park, complete with pictures.


Print CSS

Like many small publishing companies, Randso utilizes the Internet, in order to expand and obtain a world-wide audience. In an ongoing effort to provide relevant, accessible material, Randso has recently hired a web-consultant, asking them to make a CSS file, which will allow visitors to turn Randsco articles, into pretty printed pages, on their own printers.

Scott Kimler, project lead, at the unveiling, said "Go on, give it a try. Just hit print (or print preview) in your browser and see what a great job we've done!"

Indeed. Randsco continues to grow and it's mainly due to the dedication, knowledge and hard work of our employees and consultants. We trust you will find the new printing functionality beneficial.

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