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Many folks have helped Some donate money, some use our Photo-caption Zoom, popINFO and other scripts in a creative way, some hire Scott for CSS or XHTML coding or site design, some back-link to Randsco and still others help with website development and/or content.

This growing list of websites showcases and says "thanks" to some of those people.

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November 3rd, 2008  · stk

There aren't many folks running a b2evolution blog that don't owe this Brit some sort of "thanks" for helping them with their blog. This amazingly generous bloke is a first-class coder & is also very giving with his time. It's appropriate to kick off the *NEW* "Shout Out" section, with a post about ¥åßßå - and his "Tacky Pad" website ... (Note: Post not done yet, which is, ironically ... the story of my life!)

Hitting Rock Bottom in 2004

Technically, I met ¥åßßå in 2005, but I started playing, urm ... using ... b2evolution in December. Alex was just over a year old, Rachel was in University. I was the stay-at-home Dad and my mind was going to mush from listening to "goo-goo, gah-gah" all day long. (Nothing wrong with babies, especially your own, but an adult brain can only handle so much, eh?).

I was looking for a little mental exercise and (as it happens) our old (free) webhost ( was monkeying about with advertising, which was affecting the user experience on a couple of adventure websites we'd built. Shared hosting costs were coming down and we decided to take the plunge and PAY MONEY for our web presence. Of course, it was a whole new world, compared with the free host, and one of the things I did, was look into using a blog (what's that) application. Eventually, I settled on b2evolution (open-source, multiple blogs ... I wanted POWER!). Soon, I was hitting the forums, asking questions, rubbing elbows with some old-timers. Along the way, I happened to meet someone else who was just starting with b2evolution too.

And the rest (as they say) is history.

(LOL ... expect more about ¥åßßå ... just not today. I'm off to take my (now 5-year-old) daughter to swim practice. The life of Mr. Mom, I'll tell ya! Later, it's "cook dinner", then firefighting practice, so it'll be a while till this gets fluffed out in its entirety. By then, Obama will be President. :D)

(Update: 18-Nov-2009) Well, shiver me timbers. Obama IS president (or is that President?) and has been for nearly a year. (So much for timely completion of this post!) ... Guess you'll have to wait a tad longer. I just added the "Green Man T-Shirt" page to this - slowly - growing list and realize that it does really and truly grow slowly! :p

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1.flag Gary Comment
..... Its sounds like it was love at first post with you and ¥åßßå.

Oh yeh - Your right, yer man 'Obama ' made it, but then you know that by now. Any tears for Bush?