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Ellis Design Associates

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Many folks have helped Some donate money, some use our Photo-caption Zoom, popINFO and other scripts in a creative way, some hire Scott for CSS or XHTML coding or site design, some back-link to Randsco and still others help with website development and/or content.

This growing list of websites showcases and says "thanks" to some of those people.

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Ellis Design Associates

February 28th, 2009  · stk

FEATURED DONOR: Ellis Design Associates is a small, independent civil and structural engineering consulting company, based on the south coast of England. Most of their work is in the U.K., but they've also had projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Middle East and North America. Their new website was deployed on Jan 12, 2009 and uses Photo-Caption Zoom.

Web Designer Adds Photo-Caption Zoom to His Arsenal

Nick operates Web-Craft UK Ltd, a client-centric web design studio, from the remote rural location in Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland. This beautiful, rural location allows Nick's clients to benefit lower hourly rates, with outstanding attention to detail and client service. Nick has been building simple, effective and affordable websites for over a decade and has worked with many clients in the U.K., Scotland, Norway and Spain.

Nick found Photo-caption Zoom, a pure-CSS technique that zooms images and adds a caption (on hover), via Google.

Nick says Scott says, "I would insert a superlative here, but I have yet to receive something from Nick. Gee, I'd hate to just put words in his mouth, but I'm sure he thinks PZ3 rocks!"

For a designer, Photo-caption Zoom adds a level of sophistication, white-hat SEO and pizzaz to a client site. Because it is a pure-CSS technique, it does not rely on JavaScript to work and it is cross-browser compatible.

Royalty rates are reasonable and can be scaled to any project, whether it's a 'Mom & Pop' business or a full-on corporate powerhouse.

Contact Scott to find out the various ways that Photo-caption Zoom can be used to enhance your client's webpages. From photo-galleries, off-thumb hovers, enhanced image-maps and innovative film strips ... photo-caption zoom is more than just an inline image caption and zoom tool.

And if you're looking for an effective, affordable web design, why don't you drop Nick Bowles a line at - - he's got a great approach to site building, is easy to work with and has good values. You won't regret your decision.

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