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Green Man T-Shirts

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Many folks have helped Some donate money, some use our Photo-caption Zoom, popINFO and other scripts in a creative way, some hire Scott for CSS or XHTML coding or site design, some back-link to Randsco and still others help with website development and/or content.

This growing list of websites showcases and says "thanks" to some of those people.

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Green Man T-Shirts

November 18th, 2009  · stk

FEATURED DONOR: Green Man T-Shirts is a super environmentally-friendly clothing company based in California. Their mission is to sell organic t-shirts and save the World. The second is a doozy, but with 25% of their profits donated to environmental causes and groups, they're off to a good start. Green Man T-Shirts uses Photo-Caption Zoom

The Green Man Loves Photo-Caption Zoom

Dave and Rob have known each other for over 40 years and both cut their teeth in the corporate retail industry. The promise they made to themselves, when they started Green Man T-Shirts, was that they would never run the business like the huge corporations for which they used to work.

Rob is the resident artist, responsible for the t-shirt designs and artistry. You can see more of his creative tee shirt designs on this T-Shirt Art Gallery page.

Getting pictures on a t-shirt site is extremely important. Photo-caption Zoom gives us the perfect way to show our products in a dynamic fashion. It's simple to use, but also very flexible.

- Dave Urban
Green Man T-Shirts

Dave is the resident IT guy, responsible for the maintaining the company website and also writing for The Green Man Blog.

Dave knows that photos on a T-Shirt website are very important and likes Photo-caption Zoom because it's a good way to showcase products, engage customers with an interesting mouse-over feature and it's both flexible and easy-to-use.

Like most folks do, Dave found Photo-caption Zoom, via a Google search.

While Dave likes the technique, simplicity and flexibility, what he didn't realize is that PZ3 is a pure-CSS technique, which means it does not rely on JavaScript to work. It's also written to standards, which makes it future-proof and cross-browser compatible.

Dave can attest to the fact that royalty rates are reasonable and PZ3 can be scaled to any project, whether it's a 'Mom & Pop' shop or a multi-national corporation.

Contact Scott to find out the various ways that Photo-caption Zoom can be used to enhance your web-pages. From photo-galleries, off-thumb hovers, enhanced image-maps and innovative film strips ... photo-caption zoom is more than meets the eye.

And while you're looking at Photo-Caption Zoom, surf on over to Green Man T-Shirts, buy yourself or your loved one a 100% organic tee and help save the planet. ;)

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