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Randsco "Shout Outs"

 Caption Haddock, Snowy & Tin-tin

Many folks have helped Some donate money, some use our Photo-caption Zoom, popINFO and other scripts in a creative way, some hire Scott for CSS or XHTML coding or site design, some back-link to Randsco and still others help with website development and/or content.

This growing list of websites showcases and says "thanks" to some of those people.

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November 3rd, 2008  · stk

There aren't many folks running a b2evolution blog that don't owe this Brit some sort of "thanks" for helping them with their blog. This amazingly generous bloke is a first-class coder & is also very giving with his time. It's appropriate to kick off the *NEW* "Shout Out" section, with a post about ¥åßßå - and his "Tacky Pad" website ... (Note: Post not done yet, which is, ironically ... the story of my life!)

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